Professor Joanna Manning

Faculty of Law, The University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ



Joanna Manning is a Professor at the Faculty of Law, the University of Auckland, where she teaches and has published widely on issues of: health law, policy, and ethics; torts, including negligence; and accident compensation, particularly treatment injury. She is a contributing author of the textbook, Skegg and Paterson (eds), Health Law in New Zealand (Thomson Brookers, 2015) and the editor of The Cartwright Papers: Essays on the Cervical Cancer Inquiry 1987-88 (Bridget Williams Books, 2009). She was the consumer representative on the Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Committee for approx 10 years, the lawyer member of the National Ethics Advisory Committee from 2005 to 2011 and the lawyer member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Heart Foundation NZ (2011-2014)..

Compensation for Research-Related Injury in the UK, Australia and New Zealand: A Legal and Ethical Audit

Leading bioethicists, national commissions, and leaders of the medical profession around the world have argued that society owes an ethical obligation to compensate for research-related injury, and that no-fault compensation is the best ethical response. In this lecture Professor Jo Manning will assess existing compensation arrangements in place for research-related injury in publicly-funded and commercially-funded clinical research in the UK, Australia and New Zealand (in particular) against this ethical expectation. She will also consider the adequacy of the information about compensation arrangements in place that supervisory ethics agencies in each jurisdiction recommend that potential subjects be given for informed consent purposes, as well as potential alternative options to remedy identified legal and ethical deficiencies.