Philippa Bascand

Manager, Ethics Committees, Ministry of Health, Auckland, NZ



Philippa Bascand is Manager for Ethics Committees for the Ministry of Health. The ethics team provide advisory and support services to five ethics committees: four national Health and Disability Ethics Committees and the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology. Prior to this Philippa was an advisor in the Office of then Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall and General Manager of Cancer Control NZ. Philippa was previously CEO for the NZ Society of Anaesthetists for eight years and Deputy CEO for the NZ Medical Association. Philippa has a long-standing interest in health policy and has provided advice from a range of perspectives (sector advice, independent ministerial committees, and government view), on health workforce and regulatory functions. Philippa led the joint health sector submission process on the HPCA Bill in 2003, led two successful international bids for world cardiac anaesthesia and world regional anaesthesia meetings in NZ, and has developed a committed expert advisory team in research ethics during a time of transformation in the Ministry of Health.

Peaks and Pitfalls in HDEC Applications: Tips for those Submitting HDEC Applications 

The talk will outline tips and pointers on getting your HDEC application validated by the secretariat on submission first time. It will outline the pitfalls some submitters encounter and what things committees look for when reviewing ethics applications. The talk will cover why you need ethics review and when it applies, and how long the process takes.

HDECs only have 25 minutes to review an application at an ethics meeting. What can you as the applicant expect from the process and what happens when the review doesn’t go to plan from the applicant’s point of view? What steps can you take to make it run effectively and efficiently? Who do you go to for advice? Once approved, what next?