Setting up a New Tissue Bank in a DHB Environment

Amber Parry Strong, Centre for Endocrine, Diabetes and Obesity Research, CCDHB, Wellington, NZ

Introduction: In 2014 HDEC stopped giving permission for tissue samples to be stored for future research without an HDEC approved Tissue Bank. The Centre for Endocrine, Diabetes and Obesity Research (CEDOR) is a research unit within CCDHB.

Aims and Methods: CEDOR set out to create a tissue bank for sample storage and was the first within CCDHB to do so, thus several hospital departments had to encounter this for the first time. We worked in partnership with the Research Office, Legal and Quality Departments and the Maori Governance Board.

Results: After 18 months of consultation the CEDOR Tissue Bank was granted HDEC approval.

Conclusion: The idea of setting up a Tissue Bank in a DHB can be daunting, but following a process with the relevant departments ensures all relevant legislation and policy is adhered to.