Jo Sanders

Operations Manager, Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST), Christchurch, NZ



Jo Sanders is the Operations Manager at Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST), an early phase clinical trials unit.  Her role is to ensure timely delivery of clinical trials with subject safety, quality and integrity of data being the highest priority.

Jo has worked in clinical research since 1992, she has extensive clinical research experience specialising in haematology/bone marrow transplantation having managed the Haematology Clinical Trials unit at Christchurch Hospital for 15 years.

Clinical Research Solutions 

Clinical research is becoming more complex. With this increase in complexity comes a demand for systems that allow processes to be more streamlined.

Requests for site information and documents are consistent across all studies regardless if they are from a sponsor, CRO, or a collaborative group.

The amount of work required to action requests for site documentation in a timely manner requires a significant amount of time and resources.  There are systems available to help streamline these processes allowing a one stop shop for sponsor, CROs, and collaborative groups.  The advantage of these systems is that they ensure the information can be downloaded when they require it and are not waiting for busy sites to respond to their requests.

Site Docs Portal is a commercially available system.  I will discuss this system and the impact it has had in our site’s processes.