Kate McCallum RN, MHSc.(Hons)
Clinical Nurse Specialist, The Auckland Regional Pain Service, Auckland, NZ

Catching the wave, it’s all about timing.  In 1991 Kate applied for and was offered a senior nursing position at TARPS.   Dr. Bob Large asked her for a two year commitment and over the years since, Kate has been ‘surfing the pain wave’.  In her clinical work Kate is actively involved in many aspects of pain management; working with patients on an individual basis and also in a group setting, getting involved with continuing education for  nurses and community groups, and continuing to develop her interest in hypnosis.  Kate has also faced many challenges and changes over the years and at these times she reminds herself  that she has the skills and the heart to hang on and not get dumped by the wave.    


Lessons Learned from 25 Years in Pain

For the last 25 years I have been in the privileged position of working as part of The Auckland Regional Pain Service’s multidisciplinary team. During that time I have met countless patients and been inspired by many noteworthy colleagues; they have had a profound effect on my practice, my understanding of chronic pain and on me.

This presentation is a testament to my teachers. The words, phrases, examples and illustrations that will be presented have been chosen to give the beginning or experienced clinician a foundation for working with patients with chronic pain.