ICCA Dataworkshops, ICCA tools Training & one-on-one appointments

The ICCA Data Workshops will provide a general introduction to ICCA's unique online Association Database including the Hot Leads, Key Contacts, Calendar and other services which ICCA offers. You will learn how to use these research tools through in-depth demonstrations and case studies.

The ICCA tools Training will teach delegates how to find local champions with the Big Data feature in the ICCA Association Database. Plus, make their own statistics via the ICCA Statistics Tool and learn how to analyse over half a century of associations meetings data. Finally, discover how to make the most of the ICCA PR Kit, the key to fantastic meda coverage

Furthermore, delegates will be able to book 30-minute one-on-one appointments with ICCA data researchers for more personal advice and training. Here you will have the opportunity to sit with one of ICCA’s experienced Researchers and together make & save a selection of potential business profiles for you to work on when you return to the office. For the experienced user we offer the possibility to focus on new developments, sophisticated search options, and creative uses of the available data. We promise to answer (almost) every question you might bring to this session, so please don’t be shy!

Delegates are able to book appointments through the Tapcrowd App.