Below are the finalists for the Best Smart Data Project and their project descriptions.  The winner of this category will be announced on Tuesday, April 29th at the CITE conference. 

 Company  Project Description
Project Lead
Arizona Department of Education AZ Dash dashboards, which provide dynamic data visualizations from the educational system’s data warehouse, creating education intelligence. With the push of a button, parents, teachers, administration and even students can see what is working and what isn’t.  Mark Masterson,
BNY Mellon  SMART, a federated enterprise metric-reporting tool that provides insight and visualizations for decision-making in BNY Mellon's Business and Client Technology Solutions group. Mines data from 50 applications to facilitate decisions on optimization, performance improvement, capability-maturity measurement and the like. Tony Lalli,
Solutions Architect
DirecTV Enterprise mobility smart data project across 10,000+ devices and multiple states and carriers. Incorporating HR as well as mobile usage data, project optimizes mobility deployment for cost effectiveness and productivity.

Kyle Wells,
Senior Director, Field Systems and Mobility
Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services Mining of electronic patient care record system for key performance indicators as well as trends and patterns within emergency medical responses. Used to identify public safety and public health issues such as rise in narcotic overdoses, which were mapped and interventions launched with partner agencies. Tom Arkins,
Chief of IT and Infomatics
Interactions Weather and Shopping Data Analysis project, which explored 1.3 billion rows of weather and retail sales data to identify shopping patterns before, during, and after major weather events. Resulted identified peak shopping times and items, insights that can assist retailers in optimizing sales and achieving ROI on marketing spend. Abhi Beniwal, Senior Vice President of Global Information Technology, Interactions

Giovanni DeMeo
Vice President of Global Marketing and Analytics, Interactions

Probation Department of Santa Clara County cellBusiness intelligence system that leverages data from multiple sources with dashboard and analytical capability to help with reducing costs, improving efficiency and reducing recidivism. Project also facilitated a business and organization transformation by gaining the trust of staff with incremental and quick deliverables. Quang Vo,