Below are the finalists for the Best Cloud Rollout and their project descriptions.  The winner of this category will be announced on Tuesday, April 29th at the CITE conference.  Check in next week to view the Best Business Computing Environment finalists.

 Company  Project Description
Project Lead
Juniper Networks
"Why not Cloud?" strategy that includes adoption of software as a service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). PaaS apps are now 55% of the application portfolio, resulting in fewer systems to manage even with an overall best of breed approach.  Re-designed IT staff functions into three teams (apps/service, platform, and infrastructure) for both execution/delivery, mapping to type of clouds. Solutions available to 9400 employees across 46 countries. Bask Iyer,
KDDI Use of a public cloud platform in three ways: to host process management system for laying telephone cables to customer base; provide data redundancy across two data centers without incurring data transfer costs; offer self-service capabilities for customer cloud services. Shigehiro Uemoto, Deputy Manager,
Cloud Services

NASA Jet Propulsion
Use of multiple clouds (private, public, and hybrid) with assignment of different pieces of a project made after internal evaluation. Cloud Computing Commodity Board, composed of all JPL stakeholders, is tasked with maintaining an approved list of cloud computing vendors, greatly improved security, cost, and “speed-to-cloud”, liberating individual JPL organizations from having to negotiate separate contracts. Results include 1000x less cost for public viewing of NASA Curiosity Rover landing than for previous missions.
Tom Soderstrom,
Combination of internal data centers with external, virtual private cloud computing resources to create a transparent, agile IT environment capable of dynamically scaling to meet business requirements. The IT strategy to “lead with architecture” means better control of IT costs and the right-sizing of IT investments based on the nature of the workload involved. Emmanuel Reyes,
IT Executive
School of Rock
Entire operation of multi-unit business in the cloud. Includes CRM, secure file sharing with view-only files to protect organization intellectual propetery, and single sign on. Enables easy setup of new locations for expansion. Evan Trent,
SVP of Corporate Development