Reinvent Your Business

The Premier 100 IT Leadership Conference has numerous ways for you to learn how to shape your organization to better meet the ever-changing business and technologies needs of today’s marketplace.

Leadership Master Classes

Premier 100 Honorees and members of the CIO Executive Council lead small-group and how-to discussions on how to execute transformation to meet specific key business imperatives.  Here are the Master Classes scheduled on March 3rd and 4th.
     •    Reinventing IT as an Innovation Center
     •    Reinventing IT as a Revenue Generator
     •    Reinventing IT as a Marketing Powerhouse
     •    Reinventing IT as Agile Collaboration Partner
     •    Reinventing IT Process Innovation Engine
     •    Reinventing IT Product Design Partner

Reinvention Lab

These “gamification” sessions feature a keynote speaker who follows his/her presentation with specific reinvention challenges. Participants are divided into teams which collaborate and compete to develop the most insightful ideas for reinventing the IT organization to better meet evolving business expectations and opportunities. Participants use social media to share their ideas and session takeaways and to vote for winning ideas. The gamification experience ensures peer networking and provides dozens of practical, relevant ideas to take back to your companies.

Premier 100 World Café

This lively, multi-topic workshop features a selection of Premier 100 Honorees holding small-group discussions on the practical details, ROI and lessons learned from their business transformation projects.