New Wave Entertainment

New Wave represent writers and directors in both film and television.  Their clients have penned major tentpole features such as IMMORTALS (Vlas & Charley Parlapanides) as well as created lasting television series (Joe Gayton, 'Hell On Wheels').  In the television space their clients have worked on 'Once Upon A Time', 'Supernatural', 'Hannibal', 'Mad Men,' 'Sleepy Hollow', and many others.  Their feature writers regularly book prized open writing assignments (MARCO POLO at Warner Bros., the FRIDAY THE 13th reboot at Paramount, among others) and collaborate with producers to develop and sell spec script (i.e.: our clients Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton recently sold their spec WINTER'S KNIGHT to Sony for $1M).

In particular, they’re looking for high concept and elevated genre - Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy, horror and supernatural horror, and thriller.  Big ideas.  Especially interested in TV 1/2 hour.