PCW 18
- Resilience: the art of balancing on a tightrope (ViEW)

Facilitators: Organised by Veterinary Education Worldwide (ViEW) but all professions welcome: Nicole Mastenbroek (Utrecht University, the Netherlands); Niels Bakkeren (Utrecht University, the Netherlands); Jenny Moffet,(SkillsTree, Ireland); Martin Cake (Murdoch University, Australia); Claire Vinten (Royal Veterinary College, UK)

Sessions: Sunday 25 August (09:30-16:30)


Cost: €215.00 (includes coffee and lunch)

Summary of the theme and why it is important: Depression and stress are some of the biggest challenges that today’s students face. They live in an increasingly fast-paced environment, preparing themselves for a complex and uncertain future. Learning to deal with these challenges and to navigate life is a little like learning to be a circus performer: balancing on the tightrope, juggling a few balls, letting go and trusting that others will be there to catch us. Although definitions of resilience vary, resilient people are better equipped to cope with challenges, to fail and then stand back up, and, as such, to experience better mental and physical well-being.

This interactive workshop will introduce the concept of resilience and explore how it can be utilised to improve the lives of both our students and ourselves.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop? Educators and students that would like to increase their knowledge on the concept of resilience and how to promote resilience in a higher education context.

What will they gain from participating?
Participants will:

  • Explore the concept of resilience
  • Learn how to take a holistic approach to well-being
  • Learn how to balance demands and resources
  • Discover ways to develop resilience in students

Note: Participants may be interested in joining a walking tour of the Campus of Veterinary Medicine

PLEASE NOTE:  This  tab will register you for the workshop only and not for the full AMEE 2019 conference.