PRE CON 3 ONLY (1 day) - Management System for Records based on ISO30300

Pre-Conference 3

Date: Sunday June 2, 2019

Title: A Management System for Records based on ISO30300 to structure your IG and RIM Program to Support Digital Transformation

Instruction by Keith Atteck C.Tech. ERMm

Duration: 1 Day of Education (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)

Description: When Records and Information Management (RIM) is seen as an administrative activity it can’t easily connect to the active business and operations, and be part of the organization’s strategic direction. Embedding RIM Programs and Information Governance (IG) into the Line of Business (LOB) is critical for RIM success, and for an organizations ability to undertake Digital Transformation.

Organizations are increasingly turning to international standards to support their organizational reputation and to build integrity into their LOB management systems. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has restructured and systematized the overall management system structure making it easier to develop in integrated approach. Furthermore, for IG and records management professionals, ISO has rewritten ISO15489-1:2016 and integrated it into ISO30300:2011 as part of a Management System for Records (MSR), along with a number of other related standards.

Many records and information management programs have referenced the ISO15489 standard in their program documentation to support their assertion of program integrity based on this standard. Well, that premise has changed and most organizations have not changed their programs accordingly.

This informative session will present the ISO30300 series of standards as part of an Integrated Management System (IMS) approach to connect IG as a common requirement and assert that the ISO30300 is integral to implementing and integrating management systems to support the value proposition for IG.

In this session we will discuss the:

  • Restructuring of all ISO Management Systems to utilize ISO30300
  • Unpack the various related ISO standards and guidelines within the ISO30300 framework
  • Provide insights into building the value proposition for IG
  • Integrating the MSR into the overall IG Strategy to enable IG by Design
  • Leveraging an integrated approach to embed IG in all aspects of the LOB
  • Providing a framework for IG and RIM continuous improvement and long-term sustainability

You will learn about the value of an integrated management system in prompting your IG initiative with senior management to give you the leverage needed to build and sustain your IG Initiative and RIM Program. This will help you work more closely with your line of business colleagues, who want to join the digital transformation journey, and to enable you to be the IG leader in your organization and embed your program in your organization’s future.

Facilitator Biography:

Keith Atteck C.Tech. ERMm is an experienced and results-driven Information Governance (IG), and project management professional facilitator, mentor, and coach, who provides IG, ECM and KM expertise and support to organizational initiatives and projects. He helps companies achieve their goals and deliver value by deploying efficient and effective information governance and management strategies. His business and stakeholder analysis is guided by outcome expectations that in turn drive tactics to support implementation plans, policies and programs. Keith has presented ARMA Canada pre-conference sessions on IG and Digital transformation in 2017 and 2018, and now again in 2019.