Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting 2020

Early bird rates as listed below are available until 1 February 2020

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Participants of the Groningen Declaration Network are entitled to a 20% discount on registration fees. 
Network Participants are those organisations who have paid their 2020 participant fees which were invoiced in November. Up to 5 delegates from a participant organisation can utilise the discount.

Enter the ID code PART and select Apply Code to activate. As you progress through your registration the discount will be applied.

Those who choose to join the Groningen Declaration Network as participants prior to registering for the conference will benefit from an extended period through to 31 May 2021.

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Groningen Declaration Network



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The Groningen Declaration Network seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens world wide by bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Learner Data Ecosystem at its Annual Meeting.

Mail: Nolenslaan 13, 9722 NK, 
GRONINGEN, The Netherlands
Phone: 888-555-1234

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