Knowledge Exchange: Delhi, India

Knowledge Exchange: Delhi, India

Amplify your Association’s Impact through The Future of Meetings and Events


Session Description

Association events are a major revenue source while being key drivers of member engagement, professional development and other community-building initiatives. Driven by generational differences in the workforce, technological advances, attitudes around food and wellness, or new forms of communication, people have changed. How they work and learn has changed.

This Knowledge Exchange will provide an outside-in perspective and shed light on 5 disruptive macro trends identified by Marriott International and PCMA that will help associations engage effectively with their audience at events and gain a competitive advantage. Learn how you can raise the bar at your next association event, provide new value and amplify your association’s impact in driving social and economic progress.


After this programme you’ll be able to:

- Describe the five key trends and how they can be brought to life in your next association event

- Recognize the importance of embracing these trends and its implications for organizers, participants, and suppliers

- Identify opportunities and pilot new ways to infuse these elements into your future events

PCMA is proud to organize Knowledge Exchange Delhi alongside the India Association Congress.  
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