Knowledge Exchange: Singapore

Knowledge Exchange: Singapore

PCMA Knowledge Exchange: Singapore

Topic - The Future of Meetings and Events

Meetings are not just about tables and chairs. They are about people. People have changed. How they work has changed. This Knowledge Exchange will provide an outside-in perspective and shed light on disruptive forces by exploring what Marriott International and PCMA have identified as macro-trends that could change the face of the business events industry. Whether it be driven by generational differences in the workforce, technological advances, attitudes around food and wellness, or new forms of media and communication, these trends have the potential to disrupt the industry as we know it.


Learner Outcomes

-  Describe the five key trends and how they can be brought to life in your city
-  Recognize the importance of embracing these trends and its implications for organizers, participants, and supplier
-  Identify opportunities and pilot new ways to infuse these elements into your future events
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