Laity Academy - Dormitory Registration

Laity Academy - Dormitory Registration
If you have any questions about the Dormitory reservation process, please contact Diana Wrisley at 267-992-1020.

Email Address*

Dormitory Registration Process:
  • Enter the email address above for the Primary (first) registrant for this room. A valid email address is required to receive a confirmation email.
  • Please note that this registration is for one dormitory room. If you wish to register for a second room, you will need to complete a separate registration for each.
  • Choose below if you will need a handicap accessible room, and how many occupants you will have in this room.
  • On the next page, enter the "Attendee Information" for your first occupant.
  • All occupants must accept the Rules & Regulations, and Lost Key policy.
When you reach the "Additional Attendees" page:
  •  If you have selected a 2, 3, or 4 person room, then you must choose "Register Another" and enter the Attendee Information for all additional occupants. The "Complete Registration" will appear once all attendee information has been entered, and all have accepted the policies.
  • If you have selected a Single Occupancy Room, then you will only have the option to select "Complete Registration" and will not be able to add additional occupants.
  • Additional Attendees may enter their own email address to receive their own copy of the confirmation email. Or, the Primary registrant's email may be entered for everyone in the room.
On the "Payment" page:
  • Please note that only Credit Card payments may be accepted, because we require the ability to auto-charge for lost keys.
Please indicate below that you have read and understand this process:
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Do you require a handicap accessible room, if available?*
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Please consider all guests in your party for this question; only the primary registrant will be able to answer.

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