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Registration Prices
Full Registration: IAI Member $395 Advance / $445 Onsite - Non-Member $500 Advance / $550 Onsite
Full registration includes: all conference materials, Sunday President's Reception, Monday Exhibit Reception, Tuesday Poster and Photo Reception, Wednesday Network Event, Friday Night Closing Banquet. Note that receptions are not full meals.
Daily Registration $150 Advance / $200 Onsite
Daily registration includes lectures and panels for the day registered. 
Student Registration $200
To qualify as a student for this discounted registration, students must provide a letter or transcript verifying they are registered full time in a forensic or law enforcement related program. A student registrant receives all benefits of full registration with the exception of the Friday banquet, however tickets to the banquet may be purchased separately. 
Social Registration $200 
 A social registration is for the spouse or guest of a regular registrant. This registration includes The Sunday President's Reception, Monday Exhibit Reception, Tuesday Poster and Photo Reception and the Friday Night Closing Banquet.
NOTE: Workshops are an additional fee, and may be registered for with all types of registrations listed above with the exception of the Social Registration. Workshop prices range from $30 to $140 depending on the number of hours and other course requirements.
A big shout out to Gemalto for their generous sponsorship of the IAI, including Registration and Conference Materials! Thank you Gemalto!
Professional Expert/Conference Training

Please be advised that although attendance at the IAI Conference is a valuable professional experience, it does not alone qualify attendees as experts. Attendees are advised to adhere to the accepted professional training standards related to their discipline and country to ascertain applicable requirements.

IAI Photography/Videography Policy:

The official IAI Photographer/Videographer will be onsite to photograph/video events at the Conference. The photographs/video will be used in future IAI publications and for promotion of the IAI Conference. If you object to having your image photographed, or being interviewed, please inform the photographer/videographer prior to the photograph/video being taken. For any issues or concerns regarding this, please contact the Conference Planner in the Registration Area.

Recording Policy

It is the policy of the IAI that recording by means intended to capture images, video, audio, or a combination thereof of any lecture, workshop, or other IAI sanctioned proceeding shall be prohibited without the expressed written consent of the IAI. All requests shall be made in writing and forwarded to the Chief Operating Officer for consideration. This policy is in no way intended to prevent the occasional photograph that may be taken during the course of a presentation provided that the instructor has given approval prior to such photograph being taken.