Australian Childhood Foundation International Speaker Tours

Australian Childhood Foundation International Speaker Tours

Australian Childhood  Foundation is pleased to offer a series of International Speaker Tours from March - October 2019. Further information regarding the International Speaker Tour series can be found here.

Please select from below the the number of  Workshops you would like to attend. During the registration process you will be able to select which International Speaker's Workshop(s) you would like to attend, as well as your preferred Workshop location.
Only limited seats are available for each workshop. Register early and do not miss out.

Please note that you may only select to attend one workshop per speaker. For instance, if you select a package of 4 workshops, you must select one workshop for each speaker. 

The system will generate the best price available at the time of purchase.

Please note that all prices are inclusive of Australian Goods and Services Taxes (GST)

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Please ensure that your attendee information, including first and last names, is spelled correctly and written in title case with no abbreviations.

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