ConnectCentral 2018 - Impact and Innovation Awards

ConnectCentral Awards 2018

At RingCentral, we are continually inspired by the many ways organizations use our cloud communications and collaboration solutions to improve their businesses, better serve their customers, and create positive change in the world. At ConnectCentral 2018, we are recognizing five innovators (both organizations and individuals) who leveraged RingCentral solutions to create tomorrow’s digital workplace today—and positively impacted their businesses and the lives of others. 

IT Leader

IT leadership involves much more than managing an organization’s technology infrastructure. It requires vision, the ability to spot opportunities and trends that could impact the enterprise in the future, and the decisiveness to act on them now. Being a true IT leader also requires the ability to bring together teams and departments across the entire enterprise—and possibly even customers, as well—to create more efficient and effective ways of working together. The ConnectCentral 2018 IT Leader Award recognizes a forward-thinking IT professional who exhibited these leadership qualities in the past year.

Technology Innovation

To remain competitive in the modern business environment, organizations need to develop innovative approaches to IT and roll out those innovations rapidly. As communication technology becomes increasingly powerful and affordable—as well as more competitive—businesses can no longer afford to rely on outdated communications solutions, even if those solutions served the enterprise’s needs just a few years ago. With this award, we honor a RingCentral customer leveraging our cloud communications solutions in innovative ways to benefit its business, its teams, and its customers.

Human Impact

We’re extremely proud that RingCentral is used not only by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world but also by many nonprofits and other organizations that are passionate about helping people and improving our world. This award recognizes a RingCentral customer using our solutions to advance its laudable mission of service and giving back.

Business Impact

Sometimes an organization introduces a new system, process, or tool that benefits the enterprise in ways that are more profound than you would expect, based strictly on the solution’s features. With the ConnectCentral 2018 Business Impact Award, RingCentral is honoring such an organization for leveraging our cloud communications solution in ways that inspire us—and that we believe will inspire you as well.

Women in Tech

Women are ascending to the highest levels in virtually every industry—technology included. With the ConnectCentral 2018 Women in Tech Award, RingCentral is proud to recognize a professional who exemplifies leadership and whose example can inspire other women to pursue their dreams in the tech field. 

Individuals may nominate themselves or can be nominated by a RingCentral Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, or Partner. Each winner will be awarded one free conference pass.

We’d love to hear your story. Let us know how you or your nominee made a positive impact at your company by submitting your entry today.

Entry deadline: October 1, 2018
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