Reading with TLC

WHEN: 05/24/2018
TIME: 8:00 am  3:00 pm
WHERE: Everyone Reading Offices
30 Broad Street Suite 402, New York, NY 10004
FEE: $225.00

  • Lively Letters Basic Set (Colored Flash Cards and Instruction Manual)
  • Lively Letters Character Sons CD (47 Songs with Lyrics Booklet)
For NYCDOE purchase orders, the Everyone Reading EIN Number is 132755541; our Contract Number is QR996AF.

Five (5) hour Certificates of Attendance, ASHA CEU’s for SLPs and NYSED CTLE Certificates.

Learner outcomes:
  • Identify ways in which phonemic awareness and phonics can be taught simultaneously within an RTI model of instruction
  • Utilize oral kinesthetic cueing, hand cues, mnemonically embedded letter pictures, music, and stories to train the letter sound associations
  • Demonstrate the use of specific strategies to develop sound blending, segmentation, and manipulation for the development of phonemic awareness skills
  • Demonstrate the use of explicit strategies to train the ability to decode (read) and encode (spell) words of increasing length
Compatibility with Other Programs

Lively Letters is geared for general ed. teachers (PreK - grade 2) and any special service providers working with students of all ages who struggle with dyslexia, language based learning disabilities, or are learning English as a second language. Educators are easily adding Lively Letters into their repertoire of multisensory tools. It can definitely stand on its own, but also integrates easily with, and enhances the success of, other reading programs already in place, filling the gaps and catching the students who need more to succeed academically.


Reading with TLC’s Lively Letters is the only research based, clinically proven program that quickly trains phonemic awareness, speech, and phonics by incorporating colorful pictures of meaningful letter characters, mouth cues, hand/body cues, music, and comical stories. The added imagery, along with the powerful, clinically proven phonemic and orthographic (visual) awareness manipulative word play activities quickly improve the ability to learn letter sounds, sound blend, segment, and more importantly, manipulate letters and sounds while quickly improving the ability to sound out words for reading and spelling, CVC through multisyllable level. Unique strategies also address deficits in rapid naming of visual symbols and speech production challenges.

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