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Level 1 session is ideal for RingCentral Administrators new to the system or those looking to increase their comfort level using the system and applications. ($99.00 Value)
Level 2 offers experienced administrators the opportunity to delve into detailed network troubleshooting techniques. ($99.00 Value)
Basic Studio (IVR) Development
Have you ever logged in to Studio and been so overwhelmed that you log right back out? Do you want to have a hand in building that “wow” first impression for your IVR? Press 1 for “Yes,” press 2 for “Heck yes!” This course will help you feel more confident in your ability to read a script and understand the actions it contains. Our trainer will walk you through the basics of Studio and you will get to build a script from the beginning using basic Studio actions.
For developers, code is creativity, as part of the conference RingCentral experts will give you a deep-dive into using our voice, SMS/MMS, team messaging, data and fax APIs and how they enable key use cases in sales, marketing and customer service. In addition, you’ll hear from RingCentral customers and Platform Partners about their amazing innovations to power up their business apps and workflows with RingCentral technology. This will give you some great ideas for getting the most out of your RingCentral service.

Are you a developer, innovator, or IT engineer? Then join us at the ConnectCentral 2017 pre-event hackathon to connect with talented people, create cool hacks—and win up to $5,000.

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