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NTT Research Berkeley Summit: A view beyond today's reality.

With Moore's Law reaching its limits, unsustainable energy consumption, privacy concerns on a global scale, and the skyrocketing cost of medical care for aging populations, the NTT Research Berkeley Summit will explore a path to a better world. Join us as we bring together research scientists and acclaimed thinkers for a two day series of presentations discussing how the basic research happening today will someday upgrade reality to a new and better world.

Meeting Dates

March 19th & 20th, 2020

Meeting Times

Day 1, March 19th:
11:30am Reception and Registration
1:00pm Opening Remarks, Kazuhiro Gomi
Keynote Speaker, Daniel Okimoto, Stanford University
2:10pm PHI Lab Presentation, Jacob Taylor, Assistant Director for Quantum Information Science at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy - To be confirmed
CIS Lab Presentation, Dominic Williams, Dfinity, CEO
3:30pm MEI Lab Presentation, Dr. Peter J. Fitzgerald, Director, Center for Cardiovascular Technology, Stanford University
4:10pm  Special Presentation, Karim Amer and Marc Alba, The Persuasion Machine
Closing Remarks, Kazuhiro Gomi  

Day 2, March 20th
The March 20th agenda will begin with a reception and continental breakfast at 9:00am, followed by three separate break out sessions, covering NTT Research lab-related topics.
Physics and Informatics 'PHI' Lab Break Out Sessions:
Morning session (Neural Network) 
9:00am  NTT Research PHI Lab Poster Social 
10:00am Hideo Mabuchi, Stanford University, Investigation of Coherent Ising Machines
10:40am Dirk Englund, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, TBA
11:20am Timothee Leleu, University of Tokyo, Draw inspiration from Ising machines on chip
12:00pm Lunch & Poster Social
Afternoon session I (Quantum Simulation) 
1:00pm Dan Stamper-Kurn, University of California, Berkeley, Measurement, dynamics and feedback of quantum systems in an optical cavity
1:40pm Hui Deng, University of Michigan, Many-body nonlinear dynamical phenomena with matter-light hybrid systems
2:20pm Alireza Marandi, California Institute of Technology, OPO Networks: From Ising Machines to Quantum Photonic Engineering
3:00pm  Break 
Afternoon session II (Quantum Information Processing) 
3:15pm  Isaac Chuang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Quantum signal processing: Towards a universal quantum algorithm 
3:55pm  Amir Safavi-Naeini, Stanford University, TBA 
4:35pm  Yoshihisa Yamamoto, NTT PHI Labs, Quantum-to-classical crossover in a gain-dissipative neural network 
Cryptography and Information Security 'CIS' Lab Break Out Sessions: 
9:55am Opening Remarks, Director Tatsuaki Okamoto, NTT Reserach
10:00am Dan Boneh, Stanford University, Recent Developments in Cryptography
10:35am Hoeteck Wee, ENS, Encrypted Computation from Lattices
11:10am Arnab Roy, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, A Brief History of Quasi-Adaptive NIZKs
11:40am Break and Lunch
1:00pm Keynote Speaker, Shafi Goldwasser, UC Berkeley, Simons Institute
1:35pm Ran Canetti, Boston University, Fully Deniable Communication and Computation
2:10pm Ilan Komargodski, NTT Research, The Power of Parallelism in Cryptography: Tight Proof Systems
2:40pm Break
3:10pm  Amit Sahai, UCLA, Secure Software Obfuscation
3:45pm  Daniel Wichs, NTT Research & Northeastern University, Incompressible Encodings
4:20pm  Yilei Chen, VISA Research, Hard Isogeny Problems over RSA Moduli and Groups with Infeasible Inversion 
Medical and Health Informatics 'MEI' Lab Break Out Sessions: 
9:55am Opening Remarks, Director Hitonobu Tomoike
Morning session I (Exploring Clinical study) 
10:00am Dr. Joe Alexander, Pulmonary hypertension
10:30am Dr. Yasuhiro Honda, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University, TBA
11:00am  Dr. Michiko Seyama, NTT Device Technology Laboratories, Know the difference between your biological rhythm and social time; a simple core body temperature monitor
Morning session II (Neurology and AI) 
11:10am Dr. Dan Furman and Mr. Ryu Goto, Brain Function and Neuos Cloud
11:40pm Dr. Takuya Ibaraki, NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc., Neurotechnology: Business Frontier Where Mind Meets Machines
12:00pm Lunch
Afternoon session I (Challenges using AI)
1:00pm Dr. Kunio Kashino, NTT Communication Science, Neural Audio Captioning and Its Application to Stethoscopic Sounds
1:30pm  Dr. Yasuyuki Kataoka, TBA 
1:45pm  Dr. Akilesh Bapu, DeepScribe, TBA 
Afternoon session II (Beyond AI)  
2:25pm Dr. Tetsuhiko Teshima, TUM, Micro-engineered bio-interfaces with shape transformability
2:40pm  Dr. Toshihiko Nishimura, Stanford University, An absolute requirement for Precision Medicine: Humanized organ study 
3:10pm  Break 
Afternoon session III (Social Implementation) 
3:25pm  Dr. Kazuyoshi Ono, NTT Device Innovation Center, Behavior change for how academia and NTT can collaborate
3:35pm  Ms. Satsuki Takahashi, Marubeni, Consumers desire for AI from marketing surveillance
3:45pm  Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno, Stanford University, MedTec Entrepreneurship Education at Stanford University
4:15pm  Closing Remarks, Director Hitonobu Tomoike 
Meeting Location

University Club at Memorial Stadium
2227 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704 


If you have any questions about the meeting or your registration, contact our help team at or at 888-919-0067.