Fresh Expressions Workshop of Faith

Some nones, dones, unchurched, and dechurched people will simply never grace the doors of a church for a variety of reasons.  Yet, we are still called to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with them.  Come explore how to reach new people with a "fresh expression" of faith.  During this workshop, we will explore the "why" of fresh expressions and some examples of the variety of fresh expressio options.  We will also unpack the development stages of gathering, discipling, and multiplication of fresh expression groups.  Gather a group of both laity and clergy from your church and come explore fresh, new ways to reach new people in your community.

The workshop will be presented by Rev. Rachel Gilmore


Locations, dates and times of the event:

January 18th (10:00-3:00 with registration at 9:30) at Clarksville FUMC

January 19th (2:30-7:30 with registration at 2:00) at St. Paul UMC Searcy. 


Please contact Cathy Hall at should you have any questions.