the 2019 Pearcey Oration Dinner

2019 Pearcey Oration

We do hope you will consider joining us on Tuesday 27 August 2019 at the Woodward Centre for a delightful sit-down dinner for the 2019 Pearcey Oration and presentation of the 2019 Victorian State Pearcey award.

The Pearcey Oration is presented each year by an eminent Australian reflecting on how our nation is being impacted by the rise of new, advanced technologies. This year, the Pearcey Oration will be given by the Hon. Michael Kirby.

The 2019 Pearcey Oration will explore the key challenges Australia faces as we become increasingly reliant upon artificial intelligence. While AI has been prevalent in the software industry for many years, it is now being recognised as a pervasive force impacting our daily lives – professional, business and personal. As Michael Kirby will argue, the ethics surrounding the application of AI in our society need to be codified in some appropriate manner to reflect this rapidly emerging significance.


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Event Details

What The 2019 Pearcey Oration Dinner
Date Tuesday 27 August 2019; 6.30pm for a 7pm start
Venue The Woodward Centre, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne
Cost $250 per ticket ($150 per ticket for entrepreneurs and employees of government and public funded R&D orgs)
10% discount for tables of 10
Pricing is inclusive of GST

The 2019 Pearcey Oration Dinner
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