EQUIP teens 2019

EQUIP teens 2019

EQUIP teens Registration

Are you wanting to purchase an EQUIP19 combo?
This includes one EQUIP19 and one EQUIP teens ticket for $120 
and can be purchased through the EQUIP19 registration site

Use this registration site for EQUIP teens tickets only.

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       Before you begin the registration process on behalf of a teen delegate, please check that you have:
  • Obtained consent from the delegate's parent or guardian (if you are not the parent or guardian).
  • The name of another delegate that your teen delegate would like to be in a discussion group with.
  • The name and mobile number of an emergency contact person (over 18 years old) who will be attending EQUIP19 (twilight).
  • Any medical information that we should know about, e.g. Ventolin or EpiPen use.
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