Wonderfully Made

Facilitator Training
Led by Sadie Stratton, Facilitator and Trainer

Hosted by ARUMC Conference Council on Children’s Ministries


Come learn to facilitate- or host- a Wonderfully Made weekend. With this
facilitator training, you will be certified to teach Wonderfully Made to non-
members of your church, across the community and state. There are no
additional hours for certification other than the two-day training.
If you have a Created by God Certificate, you can take the class for FREE!
Please contact Melinda Shunk for discount code.
 Where: First United Methodist Church Hot Springs Arkansas
When: March 7 th (8am to 4pm) and March 8 th (8am to 12pm)

Who: Any pastors, youth ministers, or children’s ministers, nurses, physician assistants,
counselors seeking more information about the updated sexuality curriculum, or who wish to
be trained for their church only or to teach in other churches within the conference.
Why: We are tasked with teaching a new generation of tweens to be knowledgeable and
empowered decision-makers. Let’s be responsive to the society in which they live- and equip
them with the information to live responsibly! If they don’t hear it from their church family,
they will get information from unreliable sources and media.
Cost is $60.00 and includes lunch on Thursday.

Sign up link for the class will be posted on ARUMC.org/children’s ministry
Participant book and facilitator kit are provided with class attendance. You will use these to
follow along with the training. The facilitator kit comes as a USB with ALL components included.
If you plan to teach W.M. outside of your church, you will be asked to sign a covenant
agreement that curriculum will be taught as written.


If you have any question or concerns about the Wonderfully Made event, Please contact Melinda Shunk at melinda.shunk@arumc.org.