OLLI at ASU Spring 2019 Semester

OLLI at ASU Spring 2019 Classes
Jan. 28, 2019 - May 7, 2019

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU 
ASU / Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Mail Code 3251, PO Box 37100
Phoenix, Arizona 85069-7100
United States 

Phone: 602.543.6440
Email: olli.events@gmail.com

 PLEASE READ:  You will receive a NEW unique 8-digit Reference Number every semester you register with OLLI at ASU; previous Reference Numbers will not work. You will need to re-enter your contact information through our online registration system to receive your new Reference Number.


To begin registration for Spring 2019 membership and classes, please click on the "CREATE NEW REGISTRATION" button. Follow the prompts to register with an email address. 

If you are sharing an email address ​with ​another ​person ​registering ​for ​classes ​​this ​semester, ​please use ​the ​"CREATE NEW REGISTRATION" ​button to register each person separately.

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As a security measure, you will be asked to provide your unique 8-digit Reference Number that was sent to you via email when you first registered

If you forgot or misplaced your Reference Number, click on the "ADD A CLASS OR VIEW AN EXISTING REGISTRATION" button and then select "Click here to be emailed a reminder." You can also call us at 602.543.6440.

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Please Note: If ​you ​need ​to ​change ​or ​make ​a ​correction ​to ​a ​finalized ​registration, call us at ​602.543.6440. DO NOT uncheck boxes after payment. Thank you. ​

 Refund Policy:  Membership fees are nonrefundable. Class/workshop fees are nonrefundable, except in the event a class/workshop is cancelled. Please note that refunds will NOT be available in instances of double-booking (selecting classes that take place simultaneously).

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU 
Mail Code 3251
PO Box 37100 
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100