Six Sigma Green Belt 1931
05/15/2019 - 10/16/2019

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is pleased to offer the Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program. This program balances Lean tools with the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and its application with the analytical and statistical tools that serve as the foundation for the implementation of these methodologies. Green Belts are typically involved with improving processes within their specific work area or as a member of a team contributing to a larger scale Black Belt or Master Black Belt project.

This program is 100% Online. The online instruction portion runs from May 15 to August 14, 2019. The final project will be due October 16, 2019.

To earn the Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate participants are required to complete the online quizzes and receive a cumulative score of at least 70%, and successfully execute an applied Six Sigma project. A project report template is provided as well as personalized coaching by an experienced course facilitator. The course is structured according to the Six Sigma "DMAIC" methodology and project status updates, or Tollgates, are scheduled throughout to assist in proper execution of the project. 

Ideally, process improvement will become a part of the participant's job and regular workloads going forward. Program participants will be equipped with new knowledge, a powerful new set of skills, and an eagerness to apply what you have learned. These skills need to be used regularly to keep them sharp, and they ultimately will benefit your organization and those you support.

The purpose of the project is for the participants to demonstrate that they not only understand the material they have learned in the program, but are able to apply the methods and tools to their work. This is a critical method for ensuring that knowledge has transferred, and that the participants will be able to get maximum value from the training. Participants will have the opportunity to begin their projects during the class, but these projects do take time to complete. It takes time to collect data from customers, observe and analyze the process, develop solutions to close performance gaps and then lock down the results.

Project Selection

There are many ways to improve processes, and not every project will be a good fit for utilizing Six Sigma methods. We will be providing the program participants with a list of criteria for projects that tend to be better fits for this methodology, and for beginning Green Belt projects. As the participants conduct more projects and become experienced with these methods, they will be able to take on processes that are more complex and address gaps that may not be exact fits with the Six Sigma methodology. Some of the guidelines participants should consider are to:

Look for processes where:
– Service or production is not meeting customer expectations.
– Rework is needed to produce a good service or product.
– A large amount of waste is present.
– Process results are highly variable.

These are introductory projects, and we want the participants to have the best possible opportunity to succeed with them and the program instructors will assist the participants with project selection.

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