C Integrity Sydney 2019


C-Integrity Sydney Series, 12th March 2019

Organisations embrace the principal of operating their business with integrity to avoid and prevent any illegal internal behaviour such as corruption, fraud and bribery. To operate in a more transparent manner, a solid compliance system plays the main role. This is utmost crucial to decision makers, policy makers and other managerial levels, to better conduct business in a fair, ethical and legal way by all means.

grity is the one for all solution, to provide an opportunity for all General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Risk and Head of Internal Audit to gather all intelligence, seek and find the path leading to the ultimate success in governance. This is an exclusive event and strictly by invitation, we encourage participants to input their experiences, best practices for the greater good. Participants who volunteer to be invited on stage are encouraged to share their views on the latest integrity issues.

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