Name It, Claim It, Treat It--Sugar: The Inflammation Trail

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Name It, Claim It, Treat It-- Sugar: The Inflammation Trail
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Live Webinar: October 4, 2018 at 8pm ET | 7pm CT | 6pm CT | 5pm CT

# of CE: 1 Hour

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Fermentable carbohydrates, specifically sugar and flour, have both a topical effect in the mouth and a systemic effect tied to inflammation. Bacterial biofilm in the mouth depends on carbohydrates to grow and produce acids leading to dental caries and endotoxins triggering periodontal disease. Past civilizations that ate no sugar did not have dental disease, nor did they need to brush, floss or use fluoride. Oral hygiene was developed to counter the ravages of eating sugar and flour. Following the inflammation trail through the blood stream and into each and every mitochondria will lead us beyond dental disease, to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Dental disease is the signal that other diseases will soon be evident as we travel the inflammation trail.

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