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Are you a parent, carer or grandparent of a child with a medical condition living in England?

Then you are welcome to apply to join our Safe in School lobby day at Parliament as we push to change the law to keep children with medical conditions Safe in School. If your application is successful, this means we’ll try to arrange for you and your child to meet with your MP at Parliament and tell them what it’s like to live with a medical condition at school.

  • When: Monday, 23 October 2017
  • What time: Varied times from 11.30- 16.00 (will depend on the time your MP can meet you)
  • Where: Palace of Westminster, London

Please note the law we’re campaigning on only applies in England, so we’ll only be inviting parents of children currently in school in England to meet their MPs. If you are from another part of the UK, you can still back the campaign for better medical care in school. Please see our website for details.

Unfortunately due to limited space and funds, we won’t be able to invite everyone who applies.We ask you not to contact your MP or book transportation and accommodation before we send you an invite. We will not cover costs for bookings made before we send you an invite. 

We’ll make our selections based on who has the best chance to convince as many MPs as possible to get behind the campaign. That means we’ll only be able to offer you a place once we’ve confirmed a meeting with your MP, and will only be inviting one child and parent from each MP’s constituency. For a full copy of our selection policy, please email diabetesvoices@diabetes.org.uk

All information disclosed will be kept private and only shared if you give us permission.

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