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What value for visitor credential?
If the professional sector, the accreditation can be done by Event site, access "Visitors Registration", that it is a form that must be filled with the requested data, with free entry. If not part of the sector, will be charged the amount of R$ 55.00, which should be done directly at the entrance of the Fair, at the counter.

How accredit my employees?
Accreditation should be done individually through the desired Event site and with different emails. After registering, issuing a credential is released.

I am independent and have no CNPJ, as accredit me?
Accreditation can be done through the Event website under "Visitors Registration", and the specific field "What is your position" should be completed as "autonomous" and "CNPJ" field, the filling is not binding, or unnecessary.

For the accreditation of students, the presence of the head teacher is needed?

The presence of the responsible engineer on the day of the visit, for the withdrawal of credentials is mandatory.

There may be problems at the Fair entrance, if the pre-accredited student can not attend the same?

It is required a minimum of 5 students in the Event entry for withdrawal of credentials and visitation to the event.

How proof of discipline related to the event theme should be done?
Evidence should be made by an institution declaration that all enrolled students are enrolled and the ongoing course or also the presentation of the student card along with each student's registration document.

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