Initiates retreat 2017 USA

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Initiates retreat 2017 USA

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                             We look forward to this magnificent event and to your participation.
Pre-Retreat Purification
Purification is an essential practice when preparing for any upcoming retreat within Shanti Mission.   The more we purify prior to a retreat, the deeper and further we can soar with our Beloved Guru.  Purification also supports our ability to process the Shakti of a retreat, and will likely result in less processing of our emotional body, this means less painful processing, and more bliss!  
We cannot stress the importance of keeping mind and body in good condition as well as the clearing of negative thoughts so as to prepare the mind to be used as an instrument of conscious creation.  Purification is also a wonderful opportunity to show our reverence to the Divine and to provide service to our community, as we play our part in being a pure channel for the collective group experience. 
Following are recommendations of purification to assist you in preparing for retreats:  
  • IYS Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Vegetarian Food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation such as Archangelic Meditation or Om Your Chakras
  • Japa (pick a mantra that resonates with your heart and do at least one mala round each day)
  • Attend Puja
  • Sleep / Rest
  • Salt & Coffee Bath (wonderful practice that also cleans our etheric body) 
  • Volunteer or provide service to others
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