STEM Equity Exchange

April 10, 2018
Theme: Feminist Epistemologies & Methodologies in this Digital Age
Speaker: Angela Gonzales, Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Social Transformation, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
About the talk: With the recent women's march being declared a resounding success by feminist activists across the globe, digital feminist activism has demonstrated a powerful ability to be translated into offline, boots-on-the-ground style campaigns. But with the knowledge that we can make a difference in both online and offline settings, we must also consider the disproportionate access to and ownership of digital media devices. For economically and otherwise socially disadvantaged minorities – particularly trans, queer and disabled people as well as communities of color – issues of access and ownership threaten to reproduce social hierarchies of power and privilege. Challenging white digital feminism in favor of an intersectional feminism that centers the experiences of black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, queer, disabled, and trans women, is to speak against a social order and the dominance of white women as architects and defenders of a framework of feminism in the digital era.
About the speaker: Angela Gonzales is an associate professor of Women and Gender Studies and Justice and Social Inquiry in the School of Social Transformation. Her research crosscuts and integrates the fields of Development Sociology and American Indian Studies with empirically driven community-based research that offers a distinctive and essential perspective for understanding sociological processes underlying identity, development, and community health.


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