WCLC 2017 Media Room Selection


WCLC 2017 Media Room Selection

The online interview room sign-up form is now closed. Please reserve your interview time block with the sign-up sheets available outside of Room 416 and Room 417 at the PACIFICO Conference Center.

All interviews outside of press conferences must be arranged in advance with interviewees and must take place in the IASLC approved and designated rooms. No last-minute or hallway interviews are permitted anywhere inside the conference facility. IASLC staff are available to help schedule interviews and IASLC provides designated interview rooms. A limited number of interview rooms are available complimentary to credentialed media and may be scheduled with IASLC staff for up to two hours through this form.

All other interested parties may request an interview room for a fee.

Becky Bunn, IASLC Public Relationship Manager

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