Candidature World's Poultry Congress Paris

The WPSA France has a long tradition of hosting international poultry conferences such as the World’s Poultry Congress in 1951, two European Poultry Conferences in 1986 and 2010, and more than ten meetings of WPSA working groups since 1983, dealing with nutrition, reproduction, economics, welfare, egg and meat quality.

The WPSA France gathers more than 200 members and its board illustrates the spirit of WPSA by including members from higher education and research institutions, from technical poultry institutes as well as from the industry sector, in a balanced manner.

In addition to international conferences, the branch is regularly organizing poultry meetings in France, on its own or in partnership with other institutions such as ITAVI (the Technical Institute for Poultry), INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) and ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety). These institutions are supporting the initiative of WPSA France.

The “Journées de la Recherche Avicole” and the “Jeudi de la WPSA” take place alternatively and gather all actors of the poultry sector covering various topics in economics, nutrition, genetics, husbandry, food processing and pathology. Members of WPSA France participate actively in all the working groups of the European Federation. WPSA France benefits from the recent experience in organizing the XIII European Poultry conference In Tours (EPC2010). The chair of EPC2010, Yves Nys, a member of the board of the WPSA French Branch, has been elected chair of the European federation, until 2014.