Women in Leadership 2013
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“Opening up opportunities for women through Customs reform and modernization”

JULY 1, 2013



The World Customs Organization will host a unique conference on "Women and Customs" on July 1, 2013.  Bringing together leading keynote speakers, panel discussants, practitioners and experts, the conference will explore the relationship between the Customs administration and women, whether they be relating to the Customs organization as external traders or as leaders within Customs administrations.      

The morning session of the conference will provide participants with the opportunity to understand the relationship between trade facilitation and women's economic empowerment, including the critical role that Customs can play in improving the livelihoods of women traders. The afternoon session will provide participants the opportunity to understand how organizations that embrace diversity have improved their performance, while providing perspectives on how women leaders have thrived in male-dominated organizations, such as Customs administrations.
Examples will be drawn from both within and outside the Customs community to allow conference participants to embrace a diversity of approaches in support of women's empowerment.This Conference would be of particular interest to women and men at all levels of Customs, as well as private sector, donor community and non-government stakeholders with an interest in supporting women's economic empowerment through trade facilitation.