2018 Workplace Health & Safety Conference

Keynote Speakers

We have FOUR exciting and energizing keynote speakers for 2018!

Zac Crouse (M.Ed, CTRS)

Zac is a recreation therapist, musician, expedition kayaker and keynote speaker on mental health, recreation and leadership. Zac has worked for over 17 years as a frontline practitioner with at-risk youth & families. He specializes in working with individuals who have mental health and substance use issues; and has an extensive background in adventure therapy and eco-therapy.

He has instructed at St. Francis Xavier University for the Faculty of Education and at Dalhousie University for the Faculty of Health & Human Performance. In 2013 Zac released the film Paddle To The Ocean – a documentary about Zac’s use of recreation therapy as part of his treatment for PTSD. He uses this film as part of his work as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on the topics of mental health, leadership and recreation therapy.

Mental Illness: It’s time to stop being weird about it
Why is it that we treat individuals with mental illness differently than we do those with an illness of the body? How does stigma restrict treatment opportunities for those seeking to improve their mental health? Zac discusses these questions and shares his personal experiences in dealing with our health system. His central message: recreation is essential for mental wellness; because it provides opportunities for regular physical activity and creative outlets within a framework that is more sustainable than traditional treatment approaches. Zac encourages participants to explore their own passions and interests as a way of improving overall quality of life.
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Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod

Under the umbrella of BodyBreak, Hal and Joanne have been encouraging Canadians of all ages to live a healthy, active lifestyle for almost 30 years. Whether it’s their TV programs, syndicated radio shows, presentations, personal appearances, or media interviews Hal and Joanne heighten the awareness of the benefits of healthy living and show Canadians just how practical and easy it is to do. But most of all … because it’s “Fun!”.  See what they have to say about the WHSC conference:  HAL & JOANNE ON FACEBOOK

To celebrate their 25 years of healthy living, team work and positivity, they appeared on CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada as Team BodyBreak. One of 9 teams being challenged physically and mentally as they competed and traveled across Canada.

Hal and Joanne are fixtures in the Canadian media and have established trust and longevity with the Canadian public. They share their wealth of personal experiences and fitness, health and wellness knowledge as well as their entrepreneurial business background in an upbeat, entertaining and positive manner.

Life is a Series of U-Turns
Using their Amazing Race Canada experience as the backdrop, Hal and Joanne talk about how everyone is faced with Challenges, Competition, Roadblocks, Detours and Injuries in life but it’s how you deal with it that determines failure or success. They key in on their physical and mental strategies and the role confidence plays to help individuals make their u--turns in life result in positive outcomes. Hal and Joanne also share with their audience the importance of teamwork, what it means to focus on the task and compete, the role a leader and a follower play and how to trust your teammate(s) for success.
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Pete Luckett

At age 14, Pete Luckett saw opportunity in the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. Part theatrical sideshow, part business-savvy–Pete carved a perfect niche for his gregarious personality and produce know how. He learned how to stand out in a crowd by offering excellent quality, unique products and a fun, exciting shopping experience.

He crossed the Atlantic in 1979, spending several years exploring culinary experiences. He grew from a single retail outlet in New Brunswick in 1982, to one of Atlantic Canada’s best known and loved brands…Pete’s Frootique.

In 2011 Pete launched Luckett Vineyards. Luckett Vineyards produces wines true to the maritime climate and showcase the local grape varietals that truly are worth phoning home about! Inspired to build the Luckett Vineyard brand, Pete sold his grocery retail and wholesale business to Sobeys in 2014

Probably the most exciting and daunting part of an organization or industry is that it is always changing. Just when the ground feels solid beneath your feet, the winds of change upset the apple cart and you’re left scrambling. Pete Luckett, Canada’s street smart entrepreneur learned quickly how to navigate change –in his words it’s about the “bob and weave!” For over 40 years, Pete worked tirelessly inside the produce industry with products literally dying by the second! How does Pete keep up? Through innovation, communication and forward thinking–three cornerstones that can help you become grounded but not buried in change! Pete encourages organizations to embrace change and develop a readiness to involve employees in the process. As far as Pete’s concerned, resisting change is a recipe for failure. “If I resisted change, “I would still be pitching fruit from a single stall in Nottingham Market.” Change has been my greatest gift.” And this is still true for Pete today. The recent sale of Pete’s Fine Foods represents one of the biggest evolutions of this entrepreneurs’ career.

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Michelle Ray

Michelle Ray is an international keynote leadership speaker, entrepreneur, author and educator who advocates the importance of developing leadership and accountability skills, regardless of one’s title. She is committed to helping audiences create engaged workplaces, develop exceptional leaders and implement practical strategies to revitalize their cultures.

Michelle is the author of Lead Yourself First! Indispensable Lessons in Business and in Life. She has appeared as a guest on numerous news and current affairs programs and was featured in esteemed publications such as Investor’s Business Daily and Huffington Post. Michelle is also a contributor for the Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab Column and helps individuals at every level and any stage of their career to master personal leadership—the ability to take charge of oneself first in any situation.

Safety Leadership - It Starts and Ends with Me
We’ve often heard the adage "everyone can be a leader", but what does this mean? More importantly, how is this relevant to your organization and your people? The most practical answer is to think of leadership in terms of character, not position or title. A leader is someone at any level who has grasped the ability to take charge of their thoughts, and consequently their actions, in any situation.

We are often tested to be the best version of ourselves, regardless of our job function. Our attitudes directly impact the workplace atmosphere and the quality of our business relationships. When we take the initiative, and lead ourselves with greater confidence, we are better equipped to strengthen relationships with leaders, co-workers and customers.

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