WERC 2020 Conference & Solutions Partner Program
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Logo Company Category Challenges & Solutions Web Site Address (URL)
ThumbnailDematicMaterial Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Speed to customer SOLUTION:: Dematic Micro-Fulfillmenthttps://www.dematic.com/en-us/
EMCLighting & Energy Controlhttps://www.emcllc.com/
ThumbnailFuture Industrial TechnologiesSafety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Losing key personnel due to back and shoulder injuries SOLUTION:: Effective solution to prevent back and shoulder injuries CHALLENGE:: Workers' comp costs, lost work time expenses due to sprain/strain injuries SOLUTION:: Proactive injury prevention solutions CHALLENGE:: Employees not buying into safety and other management initiatives SOLUTION:: Learn how to effectively change employees' behaviors and increase employee moralehttps://www.backsafe.com
ThumbnailJ.Goldman & Associates LLCWarehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Over Coming Implementation Challenges from an Integration Perspective SOLUTION:: We will have a presentation to address the 3 common challengeshttps://www.goldmanwms.com
ThumbnailJLLRealty SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Real Estate advisory services and brokerage SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLENGE:: Distribution Site Selection SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLANGE:: Supply Chain Network Strategy SOLUTION:: JLLhttp://www.jll.com
ThumbnailLocus RoboticsPicking SystemsCHALLENGE:: Demand for labor is highly seasonal making it hard to control labor costs SOLUTION:: Meet seasonal volume increases by temporarily adding bots, then scale down once the season is over. You only pay for the robots you need. CHALLENGE:: Warehouse e-commerce fulfillment is faster, more complex, and more personalized than ever before. SOLUTION:: LocusBots travel to where the pick is, carrying the order through the warehouse, and to the packing station. They work with teams members to increase productivity up to 3X. CHALLENGE:: There is decreasing availability of a quality labor force SOLUTION:: LocusBots eliminate unseeded walking, are easy-to-use, and keeps workers focused on what they do best – picking. You’ll process more orders faster, using less labor.https://locusrobotics.com/
ThumbnailLongbow AdvantageOtherCHALLENGE:: Interacting with distribution data in a pragmatic manner SOLUTION:: Cleanse, harmonize and prep proper sets of data, so they are usable CHALLENGE:: Integrate distribution data in warehouse process optimization SOLUTION:: Use data generated by WMS, LMS, TMS and ERP to increase warehouse performance and results CHALLENGE:: Working with your IT organization and funding effective data management in the warehouse SOLUTION:: Learn how to work more effectively internally to fund and get project approval, so you can start using the data generated by your operationshttps://www.longbowadvantage.com/en-us
ThumbnailLucas Systems, Inc.Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Attract and retain workers, and optimize labor productivity SOLUTION:: Lucas Work Execution Softwarehttps://www.lucasware.com
ThumbnailNewcastle Systems, Inc.Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Labor & Capacity SOLUTION:: Achieve up to 50% more worker productivity with NEW line of mobile power technology solutionshttp://newcastlesys.com
ThumbnailPacline Overhead ConveyorsConveyors, Components, AccessoriesCHALLENGE:: Empty cartons/totes take up valuable floor space SOLUTION:: An overhead conveyor allows you to ulitize unused overhead space to handle empty cartons/toteshttps://www.pacline.com
ThumbnailSigginsMaterial Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Can't afford downtime for upgrades SOLUTION:: We can create a phased installation to minimize impact on production CHALLENGE:: Labor costs are getting too high SOLUTION:: We can design an automated system to reduce the need for physical labor CHALLENGE:: Too many mistakes and returns SOLUTION:: We can supply an order picking system that minimizes the chance for human errorhttp://www.siggins.com
ThumbnailYale Materials Handling CorporationLift TrucksCHALLENGE:: Not only is the labor pool shrinking, but turnover rates for what labor IS available are on the rise. SOLUTION:: Robotic lift trucks can help relieve these pressures while also helping control your costs and drive greater efficiency, productivity and reliability.http://www.Yale.com