SID Vehicles Display Detroit Exhibition
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3M413M works to make displays in vehicles safer, with great design and performance. Our technologies make displays bright and energy efficient. We can help direct content to only the driver or solely to the passenger. Our global expertise in optical physics and touch technologies advance real experiences in the
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Abrisa Technologies39Abrisa Technologies, a US based Total Solution manufacturer with engineering and volume manufacturing expertise for optical coatings and glass fabrication with in-house technology glass strengthening, deadfront and specialty screen printing for automotive applications: heads up and interactive displays, NIR LIDAR based obstacle avoidance, autonomous vehicle and back up camera
AEE Technology LLC42AEE is focused on developing and producing the highest quality of multifunctional optical films, high performance films and specialty adhesive tapes and high performance film based multi layered composite materials, specially suited to the increasingly sophisticated needs of the vehicle display and automotive
ARM Ltd12Arm architects the pervasive intelligence that is transforming our daily experience. Arm-based chips and device architectures orchestrate the performance of the technology that makes modern life possible. ARM will present one of its latest products: Assertive Display TM, which is doing digital image processing, aiming to improve image appearance on automotive
Astrodesign Inc.19Astodesign specializes in high speed digital video signal testing and analysis, as well as super high resolution technologies such as 8K. We are able to provide custom and turnkey solutions, as well as test and measurement products for various video
AU Optronics3AUO was the first pure TFT-LCD manufacturer listed at the NYSE. With sales revenue US$11 billion in 2016, AUO houses more than 43,000 staff worldwide. AUO offers advanced display total solutions and green energy of solar solutions. Fabrication plants from Gen 3.5 to Gen 8.5 have developed a full lineup of applications on TFT-LCD panels ranged from 1.5" to 84"
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Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.70BANDO is a pioneer of power transmission belts, conveyor belts, precision equipment components and plastic films. BANDO has developed OCA material by taking advantage of cultivated rubber and plastic technology. BANDO’s new polyurethane-based OCA has the natural advantages over conventional materials and provides new solutions for optical bonding.
Benchmark Electronics65Benchmark Electronics celebrates 30 years helping leading OEM corporations around the world with award-winning design and manufacturing services. Over 11,000 employees in the Americas, Europe, and Asia bring their customer’s products to life through integrated engineering, test, and electronic manufacturing services. The company’s comprehensive design, test, and build capabilities include industrial design, precision opto-mechanical, electrical, wireless, software, PCB, and microelectronics. From fiber-optic assemblies, swallowable cameras, lidar systems, DLPs, and 360 ring-cams to head-up displays, Benchmark is a leader in display
Beneq Inc.45Beneq’s Lumineq® displays are the most transparent displays in the world. In-glass laminated Lumineq displays add value to windows and improve the safety and ergonomics of vehicles. The black and yellow colors of the rugged Lumineq displays are known as the Colors of Reliability®. Lumineq displays tolerate cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. With Lumineq, you can design your own custom display and still get all the benefits of Beneq’s proven display technology. If you can draw it, we can make it!
BOE Varitronix Ltd36, 37BOE Varitronix Ltd. manufactures and supplies TFT, and passive LCDs to the Automotive Industry. We will be showing a range of the latest displays, including free form, and touch for cluster, CID, and infotainment
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Cat-i Glass Mfg48Cat-i Glass Manufacturing has become a dominant supplier of precision-machined glass products through emphasis on quality, pricing and custom designed CNC machinery. Our unique ability to build and customize our machines gives us unrivaled capabilities.
Chemours38Chemours, a global market leader in fluoropolymer technology, developed Krytox™ functional polymers. As an innovative perfluoropolyether (PFPE), Krytox™ imparts anti-smudge, antifouling, and easy-clean properties to a variety of
CL & Associates6320+ years of experience in the staffing of Engineering and Manufacturing professionals. Areas of expertise include Automotive Electronics, Displays and Semiconductor products. Positions range from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Program Management, Quality, Account Management, Application Engineering, Manufacturing and Plant Management, Purchasing and Accounting.
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DATA IMAGE34Manufacturer of LCD Modules. Automotive compliant. Round displays as well as
Dexerials America Corporation15, 16Dexerials Corporation creates advanced materials for display applications by utilizing its unique set of materials, process, and customized technology. We will showcase UV-curable resin (SVR), anti-reflective and moth-eye films, color gamut enhancing phosphor sheet, ACF and thermo-management solutions. We look forward to sharing our newest developments at SID Vehicle Display 2017
DNP Corporation USA11DNP is one of the world's largest comprehensive printing companies. It applies world-class printing techniques like microfabrication and patterning technologies in order to supply color filters for LCD, photomasks (original plates for making LSI circuits), advanced optical films, touch sensors, and other cutting-edge products to manufacturers around the world.
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EuropTec USA Inc17EuropTec USA, Inc is an industry-leading producer of chemically etched anti-glare glass for the display industry. Our AG glass is used in over 5 million automobiles in the US and Europe, along with many other display industries. Capabilities include cutting, machining, chemical strengthening, and printing both AG and AG/AR coated
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Futaba Corporation of America14Displays and touchscreen products for automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer markets. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), Projected-Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP), Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs), US based contract manufacturing with Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. Futaba Corporation of America Electronic Components 14492 Sheldon Road, Suite 370 Plymouth, MI 48170 #734-459-1177
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General Electric33GE is the world's Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and
Global Lighting Technologies72Global Lighting Technologies’ LED-based edge-lit lightguide technology provides a highly efficient option for display backlighting. GLT custom backlights are low cost, ultra-thin and highly uniform. Applications include GPS, infotainment, daylight-readable displays and interior decorative
Gooch & Housego (Orlando)13As a world leader in light measurement solutions, Gooch & Housego’s instruments & systems provide accurate, repeatable, research-grade measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR-IR wavelength ranges. Used for research, academia, industry, and the military, our light measurement systems are designed to provide consistent, precise, and repeatable
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Harman62HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services. Our talented workforce and innovation strength create value for our stakeholders by enabling rich experiences through the connected car, connected enterprise and connected
Henkel18Henkel’s portfolio of Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA) and structural adhesives are designed for automotive lens bonding of plastic or glass to flat or curved LCD. Applications, include sensor-to-glass, frame-to-glass, display-to-lens, and structural frame-to-display lens assembly. With Henkel’s Speed Cure equipment & process a 30-60 sec cycle time can be achieved!
Hosiden America Corporation53Hosiden manufactures Capacitive Touch Panels for a wide variety of automotive applications. We are a global partner providing local engineering expertise. Hosiden’s products are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements and needs of each customer. Our world-wide presence insures that no matter where you manufacture, Hosiden will be there to support you! Visit our table #53 to see our latest products and
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I-PEX (Dai-ichi Seiko)73Connectors and Cables for graphics data transmission to the Displays and RF connectors and cables for mobile Wireless
IHS Markit29IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO) is the automotive industry’s leading source for market-wide insight, expertise and advanced planning solutions. With a reputation of enabling better decisions and better results for nearly a century, the world’s leading OEMs, suppliers and their transportation partners rely on IHS Markit to power growth, improve efficiency and drive a sustainable competitive advantage.
International Display Consortium59Optical Bonding Services (normal and unique applications) and other display
Iwatani Corporation44Iwatani Corporation provides high performance film and tape specialize for Automotive Display. Acrylic Foam, ISR-ACF series, has high Impact absorbing performance, and Silicone OCA has high optical property suitable for Automotive Display. With its innovative technologies, our products give the possibility of different design concepts for the customers to develop freely.
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JDI Display America, Inc.8Japan Display Inc. is a leader in small- and medium-size displays which require high resolution solutions and cutting-edge technologies. JDI offers displays specifically developed for the diverse automotive market segments demanding quality and reliability. Please visit our booth to see our demos and discuss your current and future display
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Kimoto Tech Inc.47Kimoto tech Inc. is a manufacture of coated functional films. We specialize in Light management, Hard coating, Adhesives and Conductive
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas30Konica Minolta Sensing Americas provides advanced optical technology that precisely measures the elements of color and light. Our products have become a staple in research and manufacturing environments, helping organizations to meet product quality and operational goals with less waste, time, and effort.
Kyocera International, Inc.31, 32Focused on the automotive and industrial market segments, Kyocera has been providing advanced technology, high quality and long lifetime LCD displays for 40 years, offering both standard and custom products in small to medium
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LightSpeed Interfaces, Inc.60LightSpeed designs and manufactures head-up display (HUD) systems that enhance informational awareness and improve safety and efficiency of controlling vehicles and mobile equipment, for sale to consumers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
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MAC Thin Films, Inc.54MAC Thin Films provides optical thin film coated solutions for leading display manufacturers worldwide. MTF will highlight its PrintFree™ and HD PrintFree™ anti-reflection coated glass that virtually eliminates ambient reflected light for vehicle displays in combination with an easy-to-clean, durable, and touch friendly
MacDermid Autotype50MacDermid Autotype is part of the Platform Specialty Products Company, a key component of the automotive surface finishing supply chain. With sales and service facilities located throughout the world, our products include high quality precision coated films including our latest antiglare finishes specifically formulated for automotive display applications. Coupled with our industry leading hardcoat film technology is our unique XMAPP quality service program. With over 140 years of research and innovation, MacDermid continues to deliver the next generation automotive surface finishing technology.
Momentive Performance Materials1, 2Momentive Performance Materials Momentive Performance Materials is a Global Corporation involved in the manufacture of Silicone based Specialty Products. Momentive silicones offers high performance materials solutions for current and future display technology. The material portfolio for display industry includes electrode coatings, OLED potting, Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA), formed in place gasket (FIPG) sealants, adhesives, and thermal interface materials. David Stoddard, Senior Account Manager 864-622-8088; cell 404-667-5600
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Nagase America Corporation25NAGASE is a global leader in innovative products and solutions through our expertise in chemicals, plastics, electronics, automotive, and life sciences. NAGASE delivers unique materials and technologies to Vehicle Display application such as decorative materials, cover glass/film, functional coating/film, optical clear adhesives, camera module/lens/sensor and new materials such as resins and conductive
Nanocomp USA, Inc.5Nanocomp is leader in designing and manufacturing of film based light guides for medium-size displays. Since 1997 Nanocomp has made thin polymer film products for consumer electronics, laser sensing and special lighting applications using cost efficient roll-to-roll (R2R) printing. Nanocomp’s light guide films enable thin and flexible displays. More
Neonode35Neonode develops and licenses the next generation of optical touch solutions for some of the world’s largest consumer brands.
Niebling GmbH49Niebling GmbH Formtechnologie, manufacturer of high pressure forming systems for precise forming of decorative plastic films mainly used for film insert molding (FIM) for automotive interior parts with high scratch resistance and/or functional
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Optics Balzers21Optical coatings and components for today's demanding optics and vision based systems in
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors74OSRAM, Munich, Germany is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. Its subsidiary, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH in Regensburg (Germany), offers its customers solutions based on semiconductor technology for lighting, sensor and visualization applications within automotive, consumer, industry and general lighting
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Photo Research56Photo Research (a JADAK brand), a leader in color and light measurement, provides display test and measurement solutions for automotive, aerospace, defense, and entertainment markets. Our products include photometers, colorimeters, and spectroradiometers. Visit our booth to check out Tru-Image 2D imaging colorimeter, PR-788 Spectrascan® dynamic range spectroradiometer, and other
Pilkington North America-NSG Group57Pilkington North America manufactures glass and glazing products for the architectural and automotive markets. Benefits of the glass include noise control, solar heat control, and thermal insulation. Pilkington produces a variety of specialty glass products such as anti-reflection, low-e, thin display glass, chemically strengthened, vacuum insulated, and glass flake.
Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc.68Pioneer Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells advanced car electronics products such as Radios, Navigation Units, Telematics, HMI Modules, Connectivity Devices, Tuner, Audio Amplifiers and Speakers, and we provide information services for cars and map software. Pioneer is also developing Laser Scanning Projectors for HUD, LiDar and OLED Lighting.
Polytronix6Polytronix, Inc. a U.S. based company located in Richardson, Texas, has been an innovator in design, manufacturing and marketing of liquid crystal displays for over 35 years. Our displays are used in a variety of applications, providing visual output for medical, aviation, aerospace, marine, automotive, industrial controls and defense related
PPG Industries40PPG is the world's leading paint and specialty coatings manufacturer, with 46,000+ employees and operations in over 70 countries. PPG's Electronic Materials division supplies innovative solutions for Decorative, Transparent Functional, and Conductive coatings to a wide range of end market segments, including: Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, and Printed
PVA64Since 1992, PVA has supplied the world with innovative fluid dispensing solutions that remain at the forefront of motion and application technology. PVA's customer driven solutions are utilized worldwide in industries ranging from solar, semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, medical device manufacturing, and consumer
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Radiant Vision Systems26Radiant Vision Systems engineers light and color measurement solutions for displays and light sources. Calibrated to human perception of light, Radiant photometric imagers offer the truest evaluation of display
Rampf Group, Inc.43Rampf is your turnkey solutions provider for Optical Bonding Equipment and materials. Our fully automated vacuum dispensing process and high quality bonding materials guarantee outstanding clarity, readability, with no dust, condensation or air voids.
Rikentechnos24RIKEN TECHNOS supplies hard coated transparent plastic film for flat, curved and 3D display cover lenses. We produce imidized acrylic substrate with our coating formulation achieving 9H hardness or AF, AR and AG. We would like to contribute to automotive display through our material technology.
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SABIC52SABIC’s Specialty Film & Sheet business offers high quality, engineered thermoplastic sheet and film products across a wide variety of industries, ranging from building and construction, consumer electronics, aircraft and rail-interiors to displays.
SCREEN Laminatech Co, Ltd. (former FUK Co., Ltd.)55FUK Co., Ltd. has changed its names to SCREEN Laminatech Co., Ltd. from July 2017 under new ownership of SCREEN Finetech Co., Ltd. Currently company name change scheme is taking place and SCREEN Laminatech homepage is stll under construction until later this year. In the meantime FUK homepage will still be active to support questions and inquiries. SCREEN Laminatech is headquartered in Japan and the pioneer for processes to optically bond displays and sensors, which are capable of handling both rigid and flexible materials. SCREEN Lamiatech will exhibit curved displays fabricated by its non-vacuum roller lamination process. In the symposium SCREEN Laminatech will be focusing on the lastest situation of curve display ecosystem where various material suppliers are collabotating with SCREEN Laminatech for generating solutions to various curved display needs in automotive market.
Sharp Microelectronics of America61To be provided in a separate email.
SHOEI USA66SHOEI U.S.A. prides itself on manufacturing cutting-edge automotive touch panels and various types of decorated cover panels. We will demonstrate our new Curved plastic cover panel with a touch sensor laminated by optical Bonding, and newly developed glass sensors. Tel.: (248) 579-1600 Website:
Silvaco, Inc.7Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device evelopment and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to-sign-off flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation and soft error reliability and advanced CMOS process and IP development. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market with reduced cost and in the shortest time. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and
Synaptics23Human Interface Company offering electronic devices for automotive touchscreens, displays and
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Taica North America Corporation4Taica Corporation manufactures OPT Alpha-GEL silicone Optical Bonding material for Vehicle Displays and other advanced display applications. Taica also makes Alpha-GEL Anti-vibration and Impact-absorbing components and materials, and silicone-based Thermal Interface Materials (sheets, pads, paste). Many of Taica’s unique silicone materials can be used from -40 C to +200
Texas Instruments22Texas Instruments accelerates the future of automotive designs TI is a trusted leader in automotive reliability, efficiency and technical know-how. Its’ state-of-the-art semiconductor products and robust library of sub-system reference designs help manufacturers deliver innovative advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), body electronics and lighting, infotainment and cluster, hybrid electric (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV), and powertrain systems. TI helps developers accelerate their automotive systems designs through its’ extensive automotive IC portfolio, including analog power management, interface and signal chain solutions, along with DLP® displays, processors, microcontrollers and wireless connectivity solutions. Learn more:
ThreeBond International67ThreeBond is a global manufacturer of adhesives and sealants. Its products are used in automobiles and other vehicles, transportation equipment, public construction materials, building materials, electric and electronic equipment, and other high technologies. ThreeBond products have become necessities in the production processes of various products in many areas. Although the general public may not see ThreeBond products in their day-to-day living, we have secured one of the top positions in industrial sealants and adhesives, and we currently have production and sales systems in Japan, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and
Tianma America, Inc.27, 28Tianma Microelectronics Exhibit Description TIANMA is one of the world’s top 5 manufacturers of small/medium displays. Their booth will demo a wide range of Automotive displays in sizes from 3.5” to 12.3”, with resolutions from 240x320 to 1920x720. Other demonstration will include PCAP, On-Cell/In-Cell Touch, AMOLED, and High NTSC display
Tru Vue9Tru Vue specializes in manufacturing anti-reflective coatings on glass and acrylic for display applications. The coating, called Vista AR, is engineered for your demanding optical requirements, with leading durability and strength
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UNEO INC.46UneoTM sensor, or Micro-Deformable Piezoresistive Sensor, is a technology developed for force sensing applications requiring a slim and light form factor. Incorporating various patent-pending microstructure and surface engineering innovations, the device achieves unprecedented versatility and reliability to satisfy your performance and cost expectations.
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VIA Optronics51Leading provider of complete optical bonding solutions. Through ownership of both high-quality silicone OCR material and wet application / dry lamination bonding process, VIA is able to attain the highest yield rates in the industry. Business models include turnkey service, bonding service, adhesive sales, and full process
Visteon Corporation20Visteon is at the epicenter of the connected car driving revolution, with one of the broadest cockpit electronics portfolios in the industry. Visteon designs, engineers and manufactures vehicle cockpit electronics products and connected car solutions that deliver a rich, connected experience for drivers and
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Wacker Chemical Corp71As the inside of automobile cockpits are exposed to broad temperature extremes, high humidity, UV radiation, and constant vibration , and it’s essential to select an optical bonding material that will remain stable and compliant over similar conditions. WACKER’s LUMISIL® silicone optically clear resins (OCR) were specifically developed and extensively tested to meet the rigorous testing demands of the automotive industry. The WACKER LUMISIL® OCR’s are superior to acrylics in many ways including outstanding reliability at broad temperature extremes, UV stability, and low volume shrinkage ensuring long-term stability and performance of automotive displays. Visit booth #71 to learn
Westar Display Technologies, Inc.10Westar is a leading supplier of display test and measurement equipment worldwide. Westar’s FPM Systems measure the optical performance of flat panel displays and are used to automate testing for a variety of applications such as automotive, aviation, mobile, notebook, monitor, and large format digital
Westboro Photonics69Westboro Photonics is an innovative manufacturer of light measurement equipment serving the flat-panel display, avionics, automotive and illumination industries. Our measurement solutions include instrumentation to measure light emission, reflection and transmission as well as the software needed to control, analyze and report those