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Be part of our celebration of knowledge, learning and business growth at the Unleashing Print™ Dscoop conference in Seoul, South Korea. During this 3-day conference you will be engaged in different sessions that will focus on providing you tools and inspiration to help you grow your business. Join us to be part of the Dscoop spirit in Seoul, South Korea.

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Keynote & Featured Speakers


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Magnus Lindkvist
Futurologist and Trendspotter
Alon Bar-Shany
General Manager, HP Indigo
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The conference will be based on the following pillars:


Customer Site Visits

Meeting owners and managers to hear their growth stories


Mini MBA

Business development focused sessions such as finance and marketing


Industry Sessions

Technology and how to use the technology sessions




Industry Sessions

These sessions will focus on HP Graphic Arts technology and the way technology should be used to maximize its potential. Sessions to be delivered by customers, market leaders, partners and HP experts in a smart mix of panels, presentations, and workshops.





  • Future-proofing Your Business: Market Trends and What They Mean for Commercial Print
  • Growing with the Times: Optimizing the Analog to Digital Business Journey
  • The Future is Now: Latest HP Indigo Innovations That Mean Business Today
  • Practical Business Insights: Power Ideas that Drive Growth
  • Brands LOVE Digital Print: Insights for Success from a Commercial Brand
  • Going Digital with Digital: Making the Most of Digital Print in the eCommerce Space


  • Staying a Step Ahead: How to Monetize Your Photos in Today's World
  • Roadmap for Growth: Capturing the Photo Lifestyle with Digital Print
  • Reinventing Photo Business Opportunities through AGx To Digital Transformation

L&P Joint Session

  • Designed for Digital: Power Packaging that Brings Brands to Life
  • When Every Minute Matters: Building Business Advantage through Improved Workflow Optimization and Efficiency in L&P

Folding Carton

  • Growing with the Times: Expanding Your Commercial Business into Folding Cartons
  • Out-of-the-Box Business: Staying Ahead with Innovtions in Folding Cartons

Flexible Packaging

  • Insights for Success: Transforming your Flexible Packaging Business with Digital Print
  • Technology That Transforms: Flexible Packaging Innovations that Build Better Business


  • Future-proof Your Labels Business: Digital Innovations Set for Power Growth
  • Practical Innovations that Drive Success for Label Convertors
  • Print for Tomorrow: Winning Ways to Leverage Labels Market Trends


  • Super-Trends in Print Session: Security Printing Builds Brand Trust
  • How to Talk to Brands About Digital Print: Deliver High-Impact Experiences that Engage Millennials & Gen Z
  • Winning More Business through Social Selling
  • How to Use PrintOS to Improve Operations, Increase Profitability and Drive New Business
  • Trends 2018: The Rise of Programmatic Print in Driving Ecommerce ROI



Schedule of Events

Monday, May 14

8:00 Registration Opens
8:30 – 15:00 Customer Site Visits
13:00 – 21:30 Special Workshops
Solution Showcase Open
Conference Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speaker
Opening Cocktail

Tuesday, May 15

8:30 – 22:00 Keynote Speaker
Business Development Workshops
Industry Education Sessions
Solution Showcase Open
HP Print Award Gala Dinner

Wednesday, May 16

8:00 – 14:00 Customer Site Visits
8:30 – 12:30 Business Development Workshops
Industry Education Sessions
Solution Showcase Open
Closing Session and Keynote Speaker


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Join us to be part of the Dscoop spirit in Seoul, South Korea.
Registration Fees - 295USD

Register Here

View Cancellation and Substitution Policies

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Conference Location

Unleashing Print™ will be held at Seoul Dragon City, the first-ever lifestyle hotel-plex located in the heart of Seoul.

Seoul Dragon City

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