This IS Long Term Care 2017


Poster sessions will be held at the Metropolitan Ballroom. Posters will be identified by the numbers listed below (P#1 – P#14). Presenting authors are expected to be at their poster during the specified viewing times to facilitate discussion and answer questions. 

There will be five poster viewing times throughout the following days of the conference:

Tuesday, November 28: 
10:00 am – 10:30 am - Networking break 
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm - Delegate networking lunch in the Marketplace 
  5:15 pm - 6:30 pm - Cocktail Reception in Marketplace 

Wednesday, November 29: 
10:00 am - 10:30 am - Networking break in Marketplace
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm - Delegate networking lunch in Marketplace 

(Click on the poster title to view description)

POSTER #1 - An unacceptable reality: Enabling nursing knowledge for quality resident outcomes in Ontario’s Long Term Care Homes
Presenter: Sarah Lankshear RN, PhD; Faculty, Nursing Health, Wellness and Sciences

POSTER #2Ahead of the Curve: Virtual Reality Dementia Simulations for Effective & Scalable Education
Presenter: Raquel Meyer, Manager, Baycrest Health Services

POSTER #3 Sensory Observation System Checklist App to improve communication, observation and assess
Presenter: Jennifer Reguindin, Interprofessional Educator, Baycrest Health Services 

POSTER #4Impact of an interprofessional intervention on the care of long-term care residents with heart failure: results from a pilot study
Presenter: George Heckman, PhD, Research Institute for Aging 

POSTER #5The UTI Program: A strategy to support best practices in the use of urinary antibiotics
Presenter: Jacquelyn Quirk, Evaluation Specialist, Public Health Ontario 

POSTER #6Enhancing quality of life for residents with dementia and low vision loss
Presenter: Deanna Crowe, Director of Care Southampton Care Centre

POSTER #7Improving care and agitation and aggression in dementia: experiences with an integrated care approach
Presenter: Sanjeev Kumar, Medical Health, Geriatric Impatient Services, Clinician Scientist, CAMH

POSTER #8The Infection Control Trifecta - Supporting LTCH to Achieve an Effective Infection Control Program
Presenter: Tim Cronsberry, Manager - IPAC Regional Support, Public Health Ontario

POSTER #9Sensory for Dementia, Light and Sound in Long Term Care Environment
Presenter: Azeroo Talebzadeh, Student, Ontario College of Art and Design University

POSTER #10Toronto HEARS: A new service delivery model for older adults with untreated hearing loss
Presenter: Marilyn Reed, Audiology Practice Advisor, Baycrest Health Services

POSTER #11Nutritional quality of planned menus in Canadian LTC homes
Presenter: Vanessa Vucea, Research Assistant, University of Waterloo

POSTER #12Knowledge Mobilization: Implementation of Guidelines for Fracture Prevention in Long-Term Care
Presenter: Alexandra Papaioannou, Geriatrician, St. Peter's Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

POSTER #13Improving depression
Presenters: Megan Merz, Administrator, Roberta Place LTC and Kim Bennett, Director of Care, Roberta Place LTC

POSTER #14Providing Meaningful Volunteer Roles for Residents Living in Long Term Care
Presenters: Lauren Parent, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Villa Care Centre and Stacy Zelazny, Coordinator of Volunteer Service, Villa Care Centre

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