Dell Technology Camp 2012: The Evolution of Consumerization
Dell Technology Camp 2012: 
The Evolution of Consumerization

Dell Technology Camp 2012 will take the form of two separate events. The first was  in London's beautiful Saatchi Gallery and focused on Dell’s consumer and commercial end user computing solutions. Attendees were able to meet global and local Dell experts, as well as our customers and partners to discuss all of the key issues driving the evolution of consumerization. Attendees were also treated to a number of new product announcements in addition to:

  • Strategic Business Update – keynote introduction from global and EMEA-focused end user computing executives
  • Lifecycle Showcase - hosted tours across four individual themed zones that will take you through the lifecycle of a Dell customer
  • Dell, Customer and Third-party experts - sharing a 360 degree perspective of the key talking points and issues impacting client computing today
  • 1:1 Interview Opportunities - a chance to meet product, solution and subject matter experts
  • Design Lab and Product Showcase - product reviews area where you can go hands-on with products that will be launched in the days immediately following the event
The second Technology Camp event, which will focus on Dell’s data center solutions, will be held on January 30th, 2013.