Conference Theme:
From Start-up to Scale-up Strategies: Coping in
a Volatile Environment

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This specialized AOM conference features research on the unique organizational challenges of start-up firms and entrepreneurial corporations that seek to grow within and beyond their established markets. Understanding the multifaceted, complex trajectory from start-up to scale-up is not only of relevance to management practitioners, but also an important frontier for management research. While start-ups are a critical source of economic growth and novelty in the way we work and organize, many start-ups fail to develop into larger organizations. Management research provides limited insight into the factors that enable successful transitions.
This conference provides a platform for sharing knowledge from research and practice in a comprehensive program of paper presentations, active learning workshops, panel discussions, industry expert panels, company visits, and networking opportunities. The multidisciplinary conference encompasses 6 research perspectives, co-developed with the following AOM Divisions & Interest Groups: ENT, IM, OB, OMT, STR, and TIM. We invite research associated with these divisions, as well as industry experts, strategists, entrepreneurs, venture capital experts, and policy makers to join us in what promises to be a stimulating meeting in “The Startup Nation".
This conference is distinct from other conferences given the unique theme and the unique match between the theme and local setting in Israel, the Start-up Nation, which is known for its dynamic start-up scene that boasts one of the largest number of start-up companies in the world.