Spectrum Policy and Auctions:
Best Practices from Around the World

Good spectrum policy and well-designed spectrum auctions are essential to the continued development of mobile telephone service, particularly for 5G service. Canada and the U. S., along with European countries, generally rely on auctions to allocate spectrum, but the conditions of the auctions and the objectives of spectrum policy differ among countries. The objective of this workshop is to explore these different spectrum and auction policies to determine, looking forward, which will be most effective in supporting 5G service.

Workshop speakers will be academics, regulators, and operators from North America and Europe. They will explain and evaluate spectrum and auction policies in a number of countries. The workshop will be valuable to anyone who wants to understand spectrum policy and auctions and how that will affect the deployment of 5G service.


A block of rooms is available at the Westin at a rate of CAD$224/nt.
All fees are in Canadian (CAD) dollars. USD approximations are based on the exchange rate as of June 24th, 2019.
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