4th Sustainable Luxury Forum
Organisation Team SLF 2015

Christopher H. Cordey                                
Founding Director, The Sustainable Luxury Forum
CEO of Futuratinow - Foresight | Strategy | Capacity Building 

Olivier Vilaca 
Special Advisor
Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015
PhD from the EPFL. Independent researcher specialised in the globalization of companies in a world of complexity.

Stéphanie Renggli

Programme Manager 
Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015
Independent consultant in event programme design and organization. From 1998 untill 2012, she held several executive positions at the World Economic Forum, including as Director, Head of Operations of the flagship Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Barbara Victorino
Event Manager 
Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015
MSc in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (2015), BA in Media and Communication from International University in Geneva.
Maria De Luca
Partnership Manager
Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015
MSc in Luxury Management from Business School Lausanne, Bachelor degree in Political Sciences from LUMSA, Roma. 

Who We Are and What We Do 

The Sustainable Luxury Forum - a Swiss not-for-profit association - is an news, research, and capacity building platform exclusively geared to the Luxury and prestige industry.
Our mission is to coordinate and animate a multi-stakeholder platform of engaged professionals from the prestige and beauty sectors, civil society and academic institutions to:
Anticipate and shape the future
Explore the organizational implementation of corporate sustainability 

Share insights from business initiatives and academic research that address social and environmental challenges.