2014 Australasian Sexual Health Conference
PDF versions of the posters are available in the below table. Please be aware PDFs are only available for those that were provided.

Poster Number Presenter Poster Presentation
1 Barbara Nattabi Meeting the needs of end users: the process of development of a sexual health clinical audit
tool for Indigenous primary health care services
4 Penny Marshall Auditing Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea notifi cations Sunshine Coast HIV & Sexual Health Unit Challenges & Successes Quality Improvement = Innovative Teamwork & Interventions
5 Penny Marshall Diagnosed with an STI - What's next? Resource Evaluation-where to from here?
6 Alison Rutherford Demographic characteristics and STI diagnoses in female sex workers attending sexual health clinics in South-Western Sydney 2007-2012
8 Frances Ampt Can chlamydia rectal swab testing be used as a marker for male-to-male sex in STI surveillance where enhanced behavioural data are not available?
9 Eric Chow Rise in gonorrhoea notifi cations from nucleic acid amplifi cation test (NAAT) among very low prevalence Victorian women without changes in proportion positive by culture
10 Eric Chow Evaluation of the impact of reducing the frequency of testing commercial sex workers for sexually transmitted infection in Victoria, Australia
11 Damian Conway Barriers to HIV testing and result delivery preferences among gay and bisexual men undergoing rapid HIV testing in public sexual health clinics in Sydney
13 Krishneel Dutt High prevalence of rectal gonorrhoea among men reporting contact with men with gonorrhoea: implications for transmissibility and epidemiological treatment
15 Dana Forcey Review of risk factors for bacterial vaginosis among women who have sex with women
16 Dana Forcey Factors associated with enrolment, retention and attrition in a longitudinal study of bacterial vaginosis in Australian women who have sex with women
17 Jane Goller Risk of pelvic inflammatory disease from sexually transmitted infections in an urban Australian sexual health clinic setting
19 Barbara Hatten Survey of Sexually Transmissible Infection screening practices and interest in STI Outreach screening amongst parlour based Sex Industry Workers in the Sydney Local Health District
20 Ben Hui A modelling study to investigate the role of extragenital infection in the persistence of gonorrhoea prevalence in MSM in urban Australia
21 Andrew Ingleton Enhanced gonorrhoea surveillance in South Western Sydney and Sydney Local Health Districts
23 Meeyin Lam Enhanced Surveillance of Gonorrhoea in NSW
24 Bin Li Transient gonorrhoea epidemic among heterosexuals attending a sexual health clinic in South Australia: Possible reasons behind the epidemic 2006-2010
26 Natasha Miller Papua New Guinea (PNG) Student Cohorts Townsville: a Potential Bridging Population for North Queensland
27 Puneet Misra Sexual Health problems: Systematic review of studies and need for community based studies in India
28 Jiunn-Yih Su Elimination of Donovanosis in Australia - Are we there yet?
29 Donna Tilley Living with HIV in Australia: Is being born in a low or middle income country associated with poorer health outcomes?
30 Caroline van Germet The syndromic management approach to STI control in resource-poor settings: a systematic review of the evidence for the abnormal vaginal discharge algorithm to detect Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea
32 Emma Weaver Re-attendance and chlamydia re-testing rates at 12 months among young people attending Australian General Practice 2007-2010: a longitudinal study
36 Andrew Burry A Tale of Two (Sex in Other) Cities
38 Carley Robbins Celebrating safely “promoting safer sex to school leavers with a KISS"
39 Loretta Healey Forming a consumer reference group to provide input into the service delivery of an inner city sexual health service.
41 Laura Jenkins Measuring STI and BBV Preventive Advice and Testing Referrals at a Youth Mental Health Service: a medical records audit
42 Annette Slater Evaluation of a community developed Aboriginal sexual and reproductive health education resource: Think About the Choices You Make DVD
43 Shih-Chi Kao ˜Gay Friendly GP" List - Enhancing Primary Care Models for Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
44 An-Chieh Lin Recent testing for human immunodefi ciency virus has increased modestly among men who have sex with men between 2003 and 2013 in Melbourne, Australia
45 Amy Litras Can we do it in Bunnings? Sexual health promotion and STI screening for adolescent males
46 Jessica Malone Can we do it in Bunnings? Sexual health promotion and STI screening for adolescent males
47 Sally Murray Screen and intervene: Drug use in a sexual health clinic
48 Gwamaka eliudi Mwasakifwa Mature Men Out West: Sexual infections in older MSM in Western Sydney
51 Cathy O'Mullan Risky Behaviours, or not? Sex and the Mining Boom
52 Setia Perdana Don't start talking about HIV: the online approach to promote Sexual Health and Rights for Young Gay, Bisexual men and other MSM in Indonesia
53 Ly Pham Associations with late maternal HIV testing and late HIV testing among exposed infants, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2007-2011
54 Priyadi Prihaswan Improving student sexual wellbeing at UNSW Australia
55 Ashley Ubrihien Use of location based mobile application Grindr to increase MSM testing rates in Northern Sydney, Australia
57 Rick Varma Sexual health of Mandarin speaking clients in Western Sydney
58 Suzanne Wallis Taking Care of Me
59 Emily Wheeler Post-Graduate Sexual Health Nursing Education: What Do They Want and When Do They Want It?
60 Karen White Retrospective audit to assess the efficacy of a clinical protocol to improve nPEP completion and follow-up rates
61 Karen White Retrospective audit to assess the effi cacy of new express models of care to improve rates of screening in asymptomatic clients.
62 Bradley Whitton Improving access to sexual and reproductive health information and care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15-29 residing in Victoria. A summary of Close the Gap
funded health promotion programs developed and delivered by the Wulumperi Unit at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.
63 Ben Wilcock The Bottom Line: Gay Men, HPV & Anal Cancer
64 Anna Yeung "It opened my eyes" opinions on the Australian Chlamydia Control Eff ectiveness Pilot (ACCEPt)
67 Sharon Doughty Small Space for Big Ideas: Promising Results for People Who Inject Drugs
68 Sharon Doughty Who are the young adolescents attending Sexual Health Services in South-Western Sydney and what are the implications for service delivery?
69 Manoji Gunathilake Discordance between HIV related knowledge and attitudes - dilemma for educational interventions
70 Jason Asselin Acceptability of novel HIV testing and results delivery among gay and bisexual men: experience from the COUNT study of undiagnosed HIV
71 Cameron Ewert Most young men think you have to be naked in front of the GP: Changing young men's perceptions on sexual health care
72 Natalie Hadland Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention in Western Australia
73 Natalie Hadland Get the Facts: Evaluation and Continual Quality Improvement of a Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Health Education Website for Youth
75 Calida Howarth Neat, discreet and unseen: Young women's views on vulval anatomy
79 Richard Turner The sexual literacy of the student population of the University of Tasmania: results of the RUSSL Study
80 Jennifer Walsh Why not the GP? Client preferences for obtaining Sexual Health Services in Western Sydney
81 Djamilah The Importance of Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education in Indonesia between necessity and taboo
82 Eric Chow Routine CD4 cell count monitoring seldom contributes to clinical decision making on antiretroviral therapy in virologically suppressed HIV patients
83 Tess Marinelli Reinfection rates in men who have sex with men for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoea, retrospective cohort study
86 Priya Loomba Prevalence and risk factors for oropharyngeal Chlamydia trachomatis infection in men who have sex with men attending a large urban sexual health clinic
87 Claire Moran Everyone wants a vagina that looks less like a vagina: Australian women's views on genital dissatisfaction
88 Gwamaka eliudi Mwasakifwa Men Out West or Bi-Out West? Tailored Sexual Health Clinic for men who have sex with men
89 Peta Harrison An Xpress Sexual Health Service: In and out in a jiffy