The Safety Assessment as Tool for Global Compliance of Cosmetic Products and their Ingredients
Steven L. Hanft
CONUSBAT Regulatory Services

Recognizing early the need for specialized internationalization services, Steven L. Hanft founded CONUS Business, Advice & Training (CONUSBAT) originally as a ‘business-link’ between the USA & Europe in Aachen, Germany in 1995. Today, CONUSBAT’s core services are in internationalization of regulatory affairs for the cosmetics, personal & consumer health care industries, fine chemicals processors and borderline areas thereto. As President of CONUSBAT, Steven’s role includes business development, administration, training, seminar organization, etc.

Focusing its expertise on the European Union’s frameworks for chemicals and cosmetics, CONUSBAT provides services towards all compliance necessities, e.g. Only Representative, Responsible Person, safety assessments, label reviews, notifications, etc.

Furthermore, CONUSBAT possesses a strategic global network of regulatory partnerships for its core service areas and performs the global compliance management. For the 6th successive year, Steven along with Dr. Annelie Struessmann will be the co-organizers for CONUSBAT’s In-Cosmetics Europe’s regulatory workshop (Paris, 2016).

Additionally, Steven is the General-Secretary of the ‘start-up’ association, Cosmetic Consultants Europe (CCE;, whose primary goal is to unite those European consultants working in the cosmetic field and to represent them towards EU regulators & industry. As an association, CCE is meant to represent & defend common interests in scientific, technical, regulatory, business and legal affairs.
Mr. Hanft is also the author of the recently published book, “Fachenglish für Laborberufe” (Technical English for Laboratory Staff), Wiley-VCH Publishers, Weinheim, Germany. The book provides technical English communication support for those in the pharma, chemical, medical, personal care, testing labs, food production industries.

Steven was born & raised in New York City, NY, USA. He possesses an M.A. degree in Biology from Columbia University, New York City, NY. As a former High School Biology Educator, he eventually took his science background into industry and was a former Food/Pharma Sales & Marketing Manager for a top NJ-based chemical processor and distributor, which was then known as Whittaker Clark & Daniels. Steven has decades of international business experience in both the USA and Europe.

Karl Popp
KPopp Consulting LLC

Karl Popp founded KPopp Consulting, LLC in 2010 as a consulting firm providing services to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries. He also is a licensed pharmacist.

From 1989 to 2008 he was associated with Stiefel Laboratories as Director of Product Development, and later as Senior Director of Special Projects coordinating external manufacturing, global research activities, and managing the corporation’s intellectual property estate. Prior to joining Stiefel in 1989, he was a Scientist and Project Manager for the Sterling-Winthrop Research Group. During his career he has been responsible for the development of products that have generated over $2 billion in sales. Karl also is Vice President of Pharmapotheca A, LLC, a company focused on developing and commercializing pharmaceutical technologies for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) in adults and children.

He earned his B. S. in Pharmacy from the Albany College of Pharmacy, an M.B.A. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is licensed to practice pharmacy in NY. Karl is a past President of the U.S. Society of Cosmetic Chemists (1999) and elected a fellow to the Society in 2002.

He has been active in the SCC in coordinating local educational seminars, served on the National Committee on Scientific Affairs and as the Society’s President in 1999 and was a past Chair of the New England Chapter. Karl was elected a Fellow of the Society in 2002 and Emeritus Member in 2015.

He is an inventor, an author and a scientist. His interests encompass topical, oral, inhalation, and drug delivery dosage forms in addition to various therapeutic categories. During his over 40 years in the industry, Karl Popp has lectured around the globe on new product development activities including GMPs, regulatory strategies, product pipeline efforts, process validation, product life cycle management, and management of intellectual property.

Dr. Uwe Rossow
Managing Director
CCR GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Uwe Rossow is managing director of CCR GmbH & Co. KG, a consultant company providing services in safety and regulatory affairs for cosmetic products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals as well as for raw materials. Focusing on the European Union´s framework for cosmetic products Dr. Rossow offers services on safety assessments, regulatory guidance, toxicology, and compliance for his clients. In addition he acts as an independent expert in court cases. He is member of several national and international scientific expert panels like the European trade association Cosmetics Europe, the German scientific association DGK or the German trade association IKW. He is expert speaker at the DGK/IKW Advanced training courses “Basics for the safety assessment of cosmetics” as well as at various scientific meetings and symposia organized by DGK, IKW working groups or scientific organizations like CVUA Karlsruhe, Akademie Fresenius, IIR or Euroforum. From 2010 to 2012 Uwe was member of the German delegation in the Annex I working group on behalf of the European Commission.

Dr. Rossow is co-author of the scientific book “EG-Kosmetikverordnung 1223/2009” (European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009) published by the German Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH, of 3 reference books “Kosmetik“ for professional schools and vocational schools published by the German Cornelsen-Verlag as well as of scientific articles published by various DGK working groups.

Uwe possess a diploma and PhD in Microbiology from the RWTH Aachen. He is a DGK certified safety assessor and a Publicly Appointed and Sworn Expert by the Chamber of Commerce Aachen. He worked in various executive positions in SMEs (BABOR Cosmetics) and global companies (Dalli Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Johnson & Johnson GmbH). In 2003 Uwe founded the company Cosmetic Consulting Rossow where he acted in parallel as an independent expert besides his main job in the industry. In 2015 he founded his recent consultant company, CCR GmbH & Co. KG and became a full time external consultant. Uwe has a more than 20 years professional experience in the cosmetic industry. He works since more than 15 years as certified Safety Assessor and has more than 9 years working experience as Publicly Appointed and Sworn Expert in court cases.

Dr. Annelie Struessmann
Technical Regulatory Director
CONUSBAT Regulatory Services

Dr. Annelie Struessmann is Technical Regulatory Director with CONUSBAT, a provider of internationalization services in regulatory affairs for the cosmetics, personal care, consumer health products, fine chemicals, and borderline industries. In 2003, she joined the firm and, based on several years of international industry experience, she established the service area for regulatory affairs with CONUSBAT.

Focusing on the European regulatory frameworks for cosmetic products and for chemicals (REACH), she is servicing industry clients in providing compliance strategies, safety assessments, registrations, notifications, regulatory representations, i.e, REACH Only Representative (OR), Cosmetic Products Responsible Person (RP). Also, she has and publishes with various recognized journals in her area of expertise and provides regulatory workshops on a worldwide scale.

Before joining CONUSBAT she worked in various managerial functions at international locations of global companies, such as IFF, Akzo Nobel, Rewo Chemicals (now Evonik) & DHW Deutsche Hydrierwerke GmbH Rodleben. Her educational background includes a Masters Degree in Chemistry & a Bachelor Science (BS degree) in Food Chemistry from the Technical University RWTH Aachen, Germany. Additionally, she received a Doctorate in Biopolymer Chemistry from the German Wool Research Institute (DWI) in Aachen, working on projects for Schwarzkopf/Germany & Clairol/Stamford-USA. From Clairol (now P&G), Stamford, Ct. USA she was awarded the company’s prestigious Gelb Foundation Fellowship.

Craig R. Weiss
Consumer Product Testing Company (CPTC)

Craig Weiss received a B.S. in biology for Monmouth College, prior to arriving at Consumer Product Testing Co. Craig held technical positions at Del Laboratories, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals (Proctor and Gamble) and Roxane Laboratories.

Craig began his career with Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. as the Vice President of the Product Technology Analysis and Control Division (PTAC), which was comprised of the Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry departments. PTAC, now known as the Analytical Service Division, offers such varied services as water system validations, cleaning validation, production environmental monitoring and routines analysis.

In 1993 Craig became a corporate Vice President and in 1999 he became the President of Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. 
Craig is active in many trade organizations and is a member of ICMAD’s board of directors, serving as treasurer and is the chairman of its technical, regulatory committee. Craig is also a member of the SCC and PCPC serving on its Scientific Advisory Committee. Additionally, Craig sits on numerous international expert panels.