Risky Business

The idea of The Risky Business conferences is to hear from some of the highest achievers in other high risk industries, sport, healthcare, and exploration. The goal is to inspire us to think differently about how we manage risk, drive improvement and harness innovation, teamwork and leadership. We don't prescribe solutions, but rather aim to generate new thinking through sharing ideas across professionals faced with different stresses in their area of expertise.

  • An international gathering of healthcare and business leaders
  • Improving quality & safety in healthcare by learning from the world's high risk industries
  • High level discussion on all aspects of systems and individual performance that can lead
    to improvements in safety and quality, and mitigate risk

The premise for Risky Business conferences when they started in 2006, was simple: Learning from high risk industries to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. This has not changed over the years, and previous international conferences in London, Boston, Toronto and Cape Town have addressed important themes around leadership, teams, systems, communication, preparation and training, debriefing and reconciliation. Still, mistakes continue to be made that lead to patient harm, and it is clear that risks in healthcare don’t go away. Rather they evolve and new risks arise for a variety of reasons. Some may be related to cycles of education and training, changes in practices and systems, and importantly, changes in technology. We continue to practice with uncertainty, and perhaps we need to embrace this to understand new risks and the interaction between technology and humans.