Open Horizons EMEA Summit 2017

NEW to the Summit in 2017:

The  SECURE track

Micro Focus solutions today are grouped in 3 different categories. BUILD, OPERATE and SECURE.

Open Horizons originally focused on the former Novell Business Unit solutions, that are now combined under the OPERATE token, embracing collaboration, file, print and endpoint management applications.

For the first time ever, the leading community conference is leveraging hotlabs and sessions in the area of SECURE in a separate track. SECURE solutions originate from the former NetIQ business unit.

Along with respected Micro Focus presenters and community experts, we welcome sponsoring partners SKyPRO and MTRIX in the area of SECURE. While SKyPRO delivers versatile skills on IDM and beyond, MTRIX is leveraging hardware and software components for strong/multi-factor authentification and secure login.

Open Horizons provides attractive discount codes for first time attendees to join the SECURE track.
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Here are the content highlights for the OH Summit 2017 SECURE track

Delivering effective Identity Governance with Micro Focus

Organisations today are required to manage ever-evolving risk as a result of compliance mandates such as EU GDPR, and increasing cyber-threats. Effective Identity Governance is essential to underpin the management of this risk, by enforcing the principle of least privilege – ensuring that there are not too many users with too much access. Using Micro Focus Identity Governance v2.5, in this hotlab you’ll configure some essential capabilities such as collection of Identity data; access requests; access certification reviews, including dormant, rogue and orphaned accounts; and experience closed-loop fulfilment via integration with Micro Focus Identity Manager.

Passwords are Past it. Strengthening existing infrastructure with multi-factor authentication

Near daily reports of cyber breaches demonstrate that insider credentials are considered the crown jewels by hackers. As a result, it’s essential that these credentials are adequately protected, and it’s clear that passwords are no longer adequate, and need reinforcements. Key authentication events such as desktop login and VPN endpoints need this extra security, yet users demand as little change as possible. Using Micro Focus Advanced Authentication, this lab will show participants how easy, flexible and non-intrusive the addition of multifactor authentication such as U2F, Smartphone OOB or OTP to existing infrastructure can be.

Mitigating Risks with Privileged Account Management

Our networks are in constant risk of being hacked and the threat of our information being exposed is imminent. Cybertheft is on the rise and it is increasingly harder to manage a secure environment with so many people having access to an ever increasing amount of systems. It is necessary to start taking away excess permissions from our users and manage a reduced set of credentials to reduce the surface area of attack and simplify how we manage privileged access as well as simplify how we monitor our network. In this hotlab, we will explore how to achieve a least privileged model with Micro Focus Privileged Account Manager and how to bolster our security posture by effectively integrating with both our Identity Governance and Security Monitoring suites. We will configure rule sets that grant access according to group membership in Active Directory, strengthen access security with two-factor authentication and enable effective monitoring policies with our Sentinel SIEM.

Mind the Disaster Recovery gap

Every organisation needs effective disaster recovery plans for key IT infrastructure components. Doing nothing is not an option, but clustering is not cost-effective for all workloads, and tape backups just take too long to restore. So what are your options? In this session we'll take a look at how Micro Focus disaster recovery solutions bridge this gap, leveraging virtual infrastructure to provide mirroring-like disaster recovery performance for and virtual Windows and Linux workloads at a price point approaching tape.

Revealing the mysteries of Micro Focus Identity Manager

Micro Focus Identity Manager has a long history and is now a mature and fully equipped Identity & Access Governance suite that does not fear any of it's competitors. Today the Identity Manager offers a powerful and reliable provisioning engine combined with a flexible role based provisioning and workflow module. The modern Home Dashboard empowers users and administrators to fullfill their tasks from anywhere and any device especially with the ability to sync to eDir and Active Directory. With it's reporting engine even demanding auditors can be pleased with comprehensible reports. This lab will give you an overview of all its modules and functionalities.


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